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Secure operations

Raju Chekuri

Driving Secure Operations with Data Efficacy and Analytics

Raju Chekuri, CEO and Chairman of Netenrich, talks about security challenges and the secure operations approach that Netenrich takes with the...

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John Pirc

Key Business and Operations Outcomes Gained Using Resolution Intelligence

Netenrich's VP and Head of Product Management, John Pirc, outlines the important business and operational outcomes of using the Resolution...

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Video on how Resolution Intelligence Cloud work

Resolution Intelligence Cloud: How Does It Work?

John Pirc, Netenrich's VP and Head of Product Management, talks about how Resolution Intelligence Cloud works and how it solves the six most critical...

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Video of Raju Chekuri talking about convergence of IT and security

Security and IT Convergence Rise to Meet Business Demands

Raju Chekuri, Chairman and CEO of Netenrich, says that security is causing a significant shift in the ecosystem. This shift will result in the...

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Video of John Pirc and Sharat Ganesh

More Security Data Improves Threat Detection and Intelligence

Sharat Ganesh, Head of Product Marketing at Google Chronicle, shares his thoughts on enterprise security concerns. He emphasizes security data for...

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Jonas Kelley, Google Cloud's Head of MSSP Partnerships

Security Data and Context is All that Matters

Jonas Kelley, Google Cloud's Head of MSSP Partnerships, shares his thoughts on the importance of context and data in security.

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Threat detection using patterns vs. rules

Threat Detection Using Patterns vs. Rules

Join David Swift, Netenrich's Principal Cybersecurity Strategist and Platform Evangelist in this feature walkthrough of Resolution Intelligence...

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Knowledge Now Threat Intel dashboard

Cyber Situational Awareness Techniques Applied to Reducing Risk

Simon Aldama, a Netenrich Advisor, demonstrates Resolution Intelligence's Cyber Situational Awareness modules in this demo.

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Resolution Intelligence Cloud dashboard

Top 5 Tactics to Tackle Cyber Risk

Continuing to buy more tools and hire more people does not necessarily lead to better security. While it may improve security postures in the...

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Raju Chekuri and Justin Crotty

Top business priorities for Service Providers

Raju Chekuri, CEO of Netenrich, and Justin Crotty, SVP of Channels at Netenrich, delve deeper into the 5 key business priorities for MSPs.

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Brandon Hoffman

Modern security operations

Core to business initiatives and delivering outcomes. Solving security problems is now a shared responsibility between DevOps and NetOps teams.

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