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Modern Ops to Resolve Digital Experience | Webinar

To deliver competitive digital experiences, enterprises need Resolution Intelligence to monitor top-down, go beyond infrastructure, and make their digital business observable.

IT’s mandate for 2021 is clear: accelerate digital transformation to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Watch this webinar to understand why traditional ITOps cannot sustain today’s digital customer experience and how to achieve new modern benchmarks.


4 reasons why you need to modernize ops now


1. See what users see

Extend visibility beyond your hybrid infra to see what digital customers see and measure their experience with every app on any network or device. Drive complete visibility across your entire stack – network, cloud, applications, and users themselves – while reducing IT’s workload.

2. First to know, fast to act

No one likes fielding complaints but that’s exactly what happens when users find problems before you do. Learn how to give IT the heads-up they need to act first and avoid more incidents and outages

3. Predict issues, prevent mishaps

Take resolution beyond opening and closing tickets. Gain complete intelligence around assets and operations with real-time dashboards, predictive insights, and analytics to resolve issues that cause alerts and outages before they happen

4. Tame the tool problem

Most companies use more than 15 monitoring solutions which lead to tool sprawl and complexity. Integrate and consolidate tools to enhance the value you get from ThousandEyes, AppDynamics, Datadog, Dynatrace, and other digital experience and application performance monitoring solutions.



Enterprises today need a modern alternative to a tired approach — throwing more tools and people at the problem – to reduce effort and cost, and better align IT with customer and business needs. Chris Cramer, Director of Solutions



Traditional ITOps and monitoring operate from a bottom-up approach – focus on individual elements in the infrastructure – which doesn’t solve modern day problems. It’s critical to understand the blind spots, user journey, and the overall user experience. Kiran Malarouthu, Solutions Architect


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The digital experience race is on. See how a new approach can put time, technology, and expertise on your side.

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