Managed Services

Centralize, innovate, scale with multi-level multitenancy

Leverage and scale the skills, tools, and people you already have

With Netenrich, you can bridge IT, security, and operations to deliver high-value services efficiently to all of your customers. The Resolution Intelligence® platform enables you to increase recurring revenues, client retention, and business valuation in fiercely competitive markets. 

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Increase value
  • Grow recurring revenue

Why Resolution Intelligence® + Chronicle

“For many MSSPs, plugging into Resolution Intelligence is the fastest and simplest way to build services and transform their business with analytics enabled by Chronicle. The Netenrich platform operationalizes Chronicle around multitenancy to drive scale and equip providers to realize value on day one and add their own IP at any time.”

Jonas Kelly
Head of Americas MSSP Partnerships, Google Cloud

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Improve service levels

Optimize service delivery as you grow your portfolio—without an intrusive lift-and-shift overhaul

Deliver a stellar customer experience using a broad array of technologies and one multitenant secure operations platform.

  • Be first to know and fast to act
  • Avoid escalations that can cost millions per year
  • Fix recurring problems that threaten retention
  • Reduce workloads (and Level 1-2 tedium)

What partners are saying

“The advances that you guys are making in your technology and in the platform [are] all geared towards making sure that we can just eliminate noise and focus on what the business needs.”

Tony Bushell
EVP Services, Trace3
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Move up market with secure operations

Attract and retain customers with managed security, threat hunting, and analytics

  • Offer predictive and proactive threat detection and resolution
  • Gain visibility, provide transparency
  • Bring in all your data penalty free, integrate any tool or device
  • Align operations and security controls with risk

What partners are saying

“It truly feels like a partnership. You're just as interested in us winning this opportunity as we are in winning the opportunity. You do a really good job of understanding what our customers need, and what it requires for us to win that opportunity as your client, combining those two and going to market together.”

Henry Fleches

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