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June 27, 2024

9:40 AM-10:05 AM

CIO & CISO Think Tank in Chicago, IL

Cybersecurity Resiliency Through Data Driven Operations

Join Netenrich CEO Raju Chekuri for the keynote session on today's rapidly changing cyber landscape. Learn how to take a proactive, data-driven approach to identify potential threats and issues, ensuring more robust and resilient cybersecurity.


Raju Chekuri
CEO & Founder, Netenrich

In partnership with:   netenrich-and-google-cloud-logo

Featured report

Read Gartner’s Emerging Tech: Security — Emergence Cycle for Automated Moving Target Defense — the report states that AMTD technologies are the key to transforming the future of cyberdefense.

On-demand webinars

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Fear, Loathing, and Responsible Disclosure

Casey John Ellis, co-founder of Bugcrowd and, joins us on this episode of the DEATH Labs podcast to...

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Autonomic Security Operations: Manage Risk and Not Alerts

3,000+ alerts per month and a 95% false positive ratio… Sound familiar? Add the overwhelming complexities of siloed...

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Using Intelligent Data as a Force Multiplier for Security and IT Ops

Managing security and digital operations has become far more challenging due to increasing threats and increasing...

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25 Years of SIEM: The Rocky Journey to Autonomic Security Operations

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Office of the CISO, at Google Cloud Security where we discuss...

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Toil Reduction as a Service: Improving Automation in Threat Detection and Analytics

We are joined this week by John Giglio, director of cloud security for SADA, with tales from the trenches on how...

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Data Dumpster Fires, How to Make Your SIEM Not Suck

Netenrich’s John Bambenek chats with Merys Raymer, Partner Engineering at Google Cloud Security. Merys shares her...

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Understanding Your Attack Surface

Many organizations overlook too many of their digital assets when it comes to managing your security perimeter. Does...

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Top 5 Tactics to Tackle Cyber Risk

Continuing to buy more tools and hire more people does not necessarily lead to better security. While it may improve...

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Evaluating TCO, Productivity, and Performance of SOC Solutions

SOC teams are suffering from overwork while threats, infrastructure, data, and business transformation continue to...