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Speed TTV with Netenrich

Speed time to value with Resolution Intelligence Cloud

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Speed Google Chronicle time to value

Get more value faster with Resolution Intelligence Cloud

Resolution Intelligence Cloud accelerates your journey toward a highly efficient operations. With Chronicle built-in, you can perform super-fast search of security telemetry at petabyte scale from virtually any source. Resolution Intelligence Cloud capabilities like advanced behavioral analytics, attack surface management, threat modeling, and asset intelligence reduce risks and costs. Easy-to-use GUI interfaces speed adoption. Plus, Netenrich setup and support services ensure you're up to speed blazingly fast.

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More effective security

  • Up-level the team with an easy-to-use SOC workbench, alert noise reduction, prioritization scores aligned with business risk, automation, context at their fingertips, single-click access to details, and more.
  • See across silos: Get a common operational view across security and digital ops, plus full-featured digital ops management for effective collaboration.
  • Detect what matters most with situational awareness, anomaly detection, UEBA, extensive alert correlation, MITRE ATT&CK mapping and visualizations, and alert noise reduction.
  • Act fast with more contextActOns™ correlate alerts and additional context for effective resolution. Know where to focus with prioritized scores based on likelihood, impact, and confidence.
  • Automate low-level tier-1 and tier-2 tasks.
  • Proactively manage your dynamic attack surface with continuous attack surface management.

How Resolution Intelligence Cloud speeds time to value 

  • Setup and support: Setup in less than an hour with multiple  tenants and diverse data sources. Ingest terabytes in days. Netenrich provides setup services and customer support. See the how-to videos.
  • Rules: Resolution Intelligence Cloud adds a content management system, easy-to-use GUI rule builder, and rule packs.
  • Multi-level multitenancy: Save time managing multiple tenants from one place, with RBAC and SSO.
  • Analytics: Resolution Intelligence Cloud's out-of-the-box, no-code dashboards enable fast cross-Chronicle-tenant analytics.
  • GUI interfaces: Resolution Intelligence Cloud's easy-to-use interfaces allows analysts to streamline workflows and present actionable data.
  • Extra help: Netenrich services for Chronicle SecOps provide immediate and on-going support for expert rule tuning, rule development, threat engineering, and more.



Keep control of your SOC

We're here to help! Let's talk about how Netenrich can help you speed time to value with Resolution Intelligence Cloud.