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Why Netenrich

Manage security and risk to your business with one solution

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We deliver secure operations at scale

Netenrich is redefining security operations with a proactive, shift-left approach. Our Adaptive MDR solution, powered by Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ technology, leverages artificial intelligence and big data to deliver customized experiences and data-driven results for every customer. With a focus on agility and innovation, our solution evolves with your changing needs, and brings you a step closer to achieving autonomic operations. As a trusted Google partner, specializing in Google SecOps, we’ve transformed hundreds of companies across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, and technology. From our global hubs, we provide 24/7 proactive uninterrupted operations, peak performance, and peace of mind.

Netenrich Guide to Secure Operations

Shift-left security operations with AI and Big Data-driven engineering and analytics

DNA in operations efficiencies with 15+ years in transforming NOC and SOC

Google SecOps-based adaptive approach drives global outcomes and operational maturity

Pure-play Google SecOps partner with deep Chronicle expertise and 300+ implementations and transformations

Global Secure Operations

Headquartered in San Jose, CA with operations centers in Dallas, TX; Bangalore, Hyderabad, & Bhimavaram, India, Netenrich provides secure operations 24/7. We are SOC2-Type 2 & ISO27001 certified


R&D engineers


Detection, Threat
and SecOps Engineers


Cloud Ops, Digital Ops
and Data Science Analysts


Redundant Ops Centers
in USA & India

“Netenrich shares our engineering-centric security vision, and their commitment to agility and data-driven operations aligns perfectly with our own goals. With Netenrich Adaptive MDR, we're poised to redefine and modernize our entire security strategy and processes, and are that much closer to our goal of achieving autonomic security operations.”

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Maximize effectiveness with more data & intelligence

“More data” no longer means “higher cost." Stop limiting data ingestion and usage-based costs that skyrocket unpredictably. Stop the unmanageable deluge of alerts. Maximize effectiveness with big data, real-time data analytics, machine learning, and automation:

  • Ingest all your data without penalty for comprehensive visibility
  • Threat hunt with sub-second search on petabytes
  • Detect and respond quickly to what matters most
  • Identify anomalies with advanced behavioral analytics
  • Proactively find and fix vulnerabilities
  • Automate triage and Level-1 and -2 tasks

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Telemetry Inputs to RIC-1

Operationalize security at scale — blazing fast

More than SIEM, more than SOAR, more than UEBA

Stop the constant firefighting and focus on what matters to the business. Resolution Intelligence Cloud is a cloud-native data analytics solution that operationalizes security, with the scale and speed of Google Chronicle built in. The solution ingests all data across security and operations, detects anomalies (UEBA), correlates alerts, prioritizes by business risk, and provides extensive context for proactive, fast resolution.

  • Blazingly fast setup: less than 1 hour to set up the solution, multiple Chronicle tenants, and diverse data sources; terabytes of diverse data ingested in days
  • Fastest, most scalable security data lake — Chronicle — with hot data for a year
  • Predictable pricing for growth

Resolution Intelligence Cloud:
Solutions for security and digital operations

Resolution Intelligence Cloud brings advanced data analytics, machine intelligence, and risk management to help organizations move forward to Autonomic Security Operations. By building a modern cybersecurity mesh architecture, organizations can break down silos, converge security systems, and achieve data-driven intelligence for more accurate resolution. Unique to our solution, situational awareness and risk scoring identify where your business is most at risk and which critical issues need immediate attention.

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Partner with Netenrich

GCP Partners and MSPs: grow your business profitably with Resolution Intelligence Cloud.


Provide innovative services with Resolution Intelligence Cloud, our data analytics solution for managing security and digital operations at service-provider scale.  


We built our business supporting our channel partners. We make sure that you and your customers are successful running reliable, secure operations.


We help you grow with sales support, customer success and support, co-marketing, go-to-market enablement, training, and more.


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Align security and digital operations to your business with Resolution Intelligence Cloud

Insights to act on

Insights to act on

Stop the barrage of alerts. ActOns correlate alerts with asset and user data so you can act decisively on what matters now.

Prioritize by business risk

Prioritize by business risk

Save time and sanity: know where to focus and stop chasing false positives with priority scores aligned with business risk.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Detect unknowns with data analytics and machine learning across real-time ops and security data from hybrid cloud environments.

Collaboration war rooms

Collaboration war rooms

Create secure war rooms to collaborate with colleagues, customers, and others in a single place with extensive context.

Threat intel & detection

Threat intel & detection

Discover top vulnerabilities and map threat trends with threat hunting services, vulnerability disclosures, and advisories.

Fast resolution

Fast resolution

Automate investigation and remediation tasks while providing your SOAR and ITSM with enriched context for faster resolution.

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Featured report

Read Gartner’s Emerging Tech: Security — Emergence Cycle for Automated Moving Target Defense — the report states that AMTD technologies are the key to transforming the future of cyberdefense.

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