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Why Netenrich?

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Transform security and IT operations with one platform — and all your data. 

We’re experts in security and digital operations at scale. Netenrich boosts the effectiveness of organizations’ security and digital operations so they can avoid disruption and manage risk. Over 3,000 customers and managed service providers rely on our Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ to deliver secure operations at scale.

All digital operations should be secure, especially those that keep the business in business. No organization is immune to cyber threats, and many organizations and service providers face significant challenges running all digital operations securely at scale. Most organizations are challenged by the combination of increasing operational complexity and increasingly frequent and sophisticated security threats.


Resolution Intelligence Cloud: More data and more intelligence for highly automated secure operations

Resolution Intelligence Cloud, a native-cloud data analytics platform, transforms security and operations data into intelligence that organizations can act on fast before critical issues occur. Resolution Intelligence Cloud is a new way to manage security and digital ops with the scale and speed of Google Chronicle built in. 

  • Abstract graphic about data pointsObserve everything from a common operational view across security, IT, cloud. Ingest all your data without penalty and enjoy sub-second search with hot data for a year.
  • Detect what matters to the business. Improve threat detection and response while also improving availability and performance. Reduce fatiguing alert noise and wasted time.
  • Understand what’s happening and what situations need immediate attention. Know where to focus aligned with the business and up-level staff.
  • Act fast with context, proactively, and automate as much as possible.

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Jumpstart Google Chronicle

Accelerate Chronicle time to value

Resolution Intelligence Cloud harnesses and operationalizes Chronicle. Chronicle is a powerful engine with super-fast search of security telemetry at petabyte scale from virtually any source. Resolution Intelligence Cloud makes Chronicle easy to use, while Netenrich setup and support services ensure you're up to speed fast. Then Resolution Intelligence Cloud enables your security team to do even more: strengthen your security posture, respond faster and proactively, and up-level everyone on your security team to be more effective.


Partner with Netenrich

Scale and grow your business with Netenrich and Resolution Intelligence Cloud. We can help you deliver innovative security and digital operations services to your customers. Learn about our partner programs for MSSPs, GCP Partners, and MSPs. We’re a Google Cloud Partner.


Threat Hunting Services

Detect, analyze, resolve, and avoid threats with subscription-based services from Netenrich security experts.


Netenrich MDR Services for Chronicle SecOps

Netenrich MDR Services for Chronicle SecOps

All MDR services are not the same. So, pick the best. Netenrich provides deep Chronicle SecOps expertise, comprehensive coverage, 24/7 support, and...

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Netenrich Services for Chronicle SecOps

Netenrich Services for Chronicle SecOps

Utilize the true potential of Chronicle SecOps with Netenrich expert-led implementation, value realization, and ongoing tier-1 product support...

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Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ for Managing Business Risk

Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ for Managing Business Risk

Resolution Intelligence Cloud is a cloud-native data analytics platform for managing risk and optimizing overall operations, with the scale and speed...

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