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Transform to secure operations

Resolution Intelligence Cloud puts data analytics to work, correlating events from multiple detection sources and using behavioral analytics to make security and ops teams dramatically more effective. Get intelligence you can act on to proactively strengthen your security posture and speed response.

ActOn Data Lake™ for real-time data at hyperscale

Resolution Intelligence Cloud ingests security and operational data into its ActOn Data Lake. Using Google Chronicle for security data, Resolution Intelligence Cloud offers infinite scalability, sub-second search, hot data for a year, and no fee for more data. Bring in all your security, operations, and asset data into the ActOn Data Lake. Get sub-second search on real-time data and hot historical data for a year.

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Contextual intelligence with ActOns™

Boost efficiency and effectiveness with the information you need at your fingertips. Resolution Intelligence generates actionable insights you can act on, called ActOns. ActOns gather, prioritize, and present curated, contextual data – like related alerts, tickets, asset, and user data– so you can respond fast and effectively.  ActOns enable you to focus on what matters most. They’re prioritized based on a risk score derived from likelihood, impact, and confidence — according to your rules. Click to dive into details and investigate. 


Situational awareness

Dashboards present insights at any level. Click into details and enjoy blazing fast, sub-second search on petabytes of data.


Multi-level multitenancy

Multi-level multitenancy and task automation streamline rule-building, threat analytics, and case management for your individual customers and sets of customers. Resolution Intelligence Cloud adds multi-level multitenancy to your Google Chronicle instances.

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Risky behaviors identified

Catch risky behaviors before they cause harm. See score evidence, timelines, related alerts, and more all in one place. If needed, create a secure war room to collaborate on resolution with the latest information everyone needs.

real time threats

Analytics made actionable

Know what you need to do immediately, what can wait, and for how long. Resolution Intelligence Cloud uses behavioral, anomaly, and situational analytics coupled with business-risk awareness to prioritize the security of critical assets. 

Use forensic analysis to systematically identify “patient zero,” then correct problems at the source. 

Security posture mapped to MITRE ATT&CK

Resolution Intelligence provides automated log mapping using the MITRE ATT&CK framework so you can identify and remedy detection gaps. Get comprehensive visibility into all of your security, operations, and asset data. Search at Google speed on real-time data. Rapidly assess critical events, identify the best personnel to act, keep stakeholders informed, and drive continuous improvement through analytics-driven decision making and rich postmortem analytics. 

threat detection coverage

Advanced automation

Automate responses that don’t require humans in the loop to reduce tedium and enable staff to focus on tasks that require their expertise.



Collaborate with your team, customers, and partners with a centralized view of any incident where you can assign tasks, track progress, and bi-directionally sync actions to your ITSM.


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