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Shift Left to
Autonomic Operations 

Learn about Adaptive MDR

Adaptive MDR: customized for your business

Every business has its own unique processes and operations. What poses a threat to one customer might not pose a threat to another. So, why not choose an MDR solution that adjusts to meet your specific security needs?

Introducing Netenrich Adaptive MDR™ for Google Chronicle SecOps. Powered by our Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ technology, the solution operates on an agile, continuous loop of data engineering, detection engineering, and response engineering.

This shift-left security model delivers comprehensive protection, tailored to meet the changing needs of every client's environment and aimed at achieving autonomic security operations (ASO). 


Optimize your SOC with an efficient data lake

Struggling to maintain a clean and efficient security data lake with Google Chronicle SecOps
due to drift?

Netenrich Adaptive MDR can transform your SOC while ensuring ongoing data integrity. The solution provides continuous data hygiene, optimized threat detection, and actionable insights. With proven expertise, advanced technologies, and a commitment to continuous improvement, Netenrich stands out as your trusted partner for SOC optimization.

Problems we solve for you

Comprehensive, proactive data analytics approach to risk management 

The growing volume and complexity of data flowing in and out of organizations have created new challenges in managing digital risk. Existing SIEM solutions cannot scale with the velocity of data growth, without taxing security budgets and draining existing resources. 

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How to achieve ASO with Resolution Intelligence Cloud



Reinvent security operations — to reduce noise, raise fidelity through continuous adaption and redesign

Autonomic Security Operations is a continuous “discovery, analysis, routing, resolution, and improvement” loop enabled by Resolution Intelligence Cloud.

It starts with data visibility (what’s in the environment) and continues with security analytics (what’s it doing), intelligent routing (who should care), response orchestration (what to do), and continuous feedback (how to make it better).

Data visibility
  • Ingest all security and operations data.
  • Gain situational awareness and a complete operational picture.
Intelligent routing
  • Quantify and prioritize risk of digital services based on impact.
  • Provide key stakeholders with timely, actionable intelligence.
Response orchestration
  • Automate low-level tasks.
  • Quickly and efficiently respond to security incidents.
Security analytics
  • Discover patterns and risky behaviors before incidents occur.
  • Proactively address risk and minimize impact.
Continuous feedback
  • Conduct root cause analysis, and validate models, parsers, rules.
  • Facilitate a culture of control engineering.

Accelerate time to value now

Align security operations to your business

Insights to act on

Insights to act on

Stop the barrage of alerts. ActOns correlate alerts with asset and user data so you can act decisively on what matters now.

Prioritize by business risk

Prioritize by business risk

Save time and sanity: know where to focus and stop chasing false positives with priority scores aligned with business risk.

Advanced analytics

Advanced analytics

Detect unknowns with advanced anomaly detection, analytics, and ML across real-time data from hybrid cloud environments.

Business & Financial

Collaboration war rooms

Create secure war rooms to collaborate with colleagues, customers, and others in a single place with extensive context.

Consultation Service

Threat intel & detection

Discover top vulnerabilities and map threat trends with Threat Analytics Services, vulnerability disclosures, and advisories.

Fast resolution

Fast resolution

Automate investigation and remediation tasks while providing your SOAR and ITSM with enriched context for faster resolution.

“Whether it’s identifying potential vulnerabilities in the environment, accurately tracking assets of all shapes and sizes, or responding to suspicious activity with detailed, automated actions, Resolution Intelligence Cloud combines the functionality of Extended Detection and Response (XDR); Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR); Security Information and Event Management (SIEM); and asset management platforms all in one place.”

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“We are finally able to scale our security operations and can now focus on what matters most: turning data into prioritized action. The platform gives us a new way to use data analytics and automation to improve how we manage risk and secure the business.”

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“This new and modern ASO approach with Netenrich will allow us to scale more efficiently while also increasing customer satisfaction and accelerating business growth.”

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Finally, more data is good

When CIOs and CISOs hear “more data” they think “higher cost” – but those days are over. So stop limiting data ingestion. Don't miss important signals. Stop usage-based costs that skyrocket unpredictably. Stop the flood of alerts and constant firefighting. 

With Resolution Intelligence Cloud, more data is great.
  • Ingest all your data across security and digital ops for comprehensive observability
  • Detect patterns, issues, and important anomalies faster
  • Threat hunt
  • Have the right context to take action on what's most important
  • Eliminate noise

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Telemetry Inputs to RIC-1

Work from a common operational view

Siloed security and digital ops leads to gaps and inefficient duplication of tools, processes, and people. Resolution Intelligence Cloud provides a common operational view and situational awareness aligned to business risk. And it facilitates collaboration within and between teams.

  • Strengthen your security posture
  • Improve performance and up time
  • Boost analyst effectiveness

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Security Dashboard Netenrich

Out-innovate hackers with anomaly detection & situational awareness

Hackers are relentlessly innovative. It's futile to fight them with traditional, reactive methods. 

  • Identify unknowns without detection rules with advanced anomaly detection (think next-next-gen UEBA)
  • Be proactive with actionable insights from data over time, correlated and mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Identify and resolve what matters most to the business — stop wasting time on alert noise
  • Communicate across functions and coordinate response fast

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Outcomes: Improved SLAs and metrics

Lower Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) with Netenrich AI-enhanced Intelligent SOC, offering 95% SLAs

From events to signals to situations to incidents, Netenrich AI-enhanced Intelligent SOC crunches the numbers, pinpoints focus.

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Adaptive MDR outcomes

Security data lake with Chronicle SIEM
  • Avoid $xM costs to build data lake
  • Eliminate need for data scientists to drive
  • Realize data-driven security operations
High confidence security operations & situational awareness
  • Enhance data quality, lineage, integrity, and visibility
  • Focus more time preventing unknown threats, less time chasing tickets
  • Continuous modeling (business, threat, impact), MITRE coverage, analysis, and response
Reduced complexity of security operations
  • Improve threat awareness (visibility) and response agility
  • Easily answer, "Should I care about new threat? Are we ready?"
  • Implement intelligence-driven predictive defense
Reduced TCO
  • Reduce cost by more than 50%
  • Eliminate staffing for 24x7 coverage
  • Rationalize tools

“Netenrich shares our engineering-centric security vision, and their commitment to agility and data-driven operations aligns perfectly with our own goals. With Netenrich Adaptive MDR, we're poised to redefine and modernize our entire security strategy and processes, and are that much closer to our goal of achieving autonomic security operations.”

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Powered by Resolution Intelligence Cloud

Resolution Intelligence Cloud is our secure data analytics platform that uses Google Chronicle as a data lake and is designed to operate at Google speed and scale. Integrated with advanced technologies such as Chronicle SIEM, SOAR, TIP, UEBA, VirusTotal, Mandiant, and more, the platform helps our customers unlock the full potential of their data and automate cybersecurity operations for improved incident response and cyber resilience, bringing them one step closer to achieving autonomic security operations (ASO).

Google SecOps Delivery Certification image


Google Cloud SecOps Certified Expert 

As an exclusive, pure-play Google SecOps partner, Netenrich is fully committed to the Google SecOps technology stacks and continually enhancing our product domain expertise.   

As part of this commitment and thanks to our team’s deep expertise in data engineering, detection engineering, and response engineering on Google SecOps, Netenrich has earned the Google Cloud SecOps Service Delivery Expertise certification. This achievement is a testament to their hard work and continued dedication to delivering world-class solutions on the Google Cloud platform.