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Resolution Intelligence Cloud

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Security Dashboard Netenrich

Security and IT operations at scale and speed

Resolution Intelligence Cloud subscription plans fit wherever you are on your journey:

  • Foundation — Ingest all your data without penalty. Jumpstart Google Chronicle for security data and threat detection at Google speed and scale. Foundation provides multi-level multitenancy, role-based access control (RBAC), single sign on (SSO), detection rule and parser management, detection rule and parser packs, Netenrich threat intelligence, real-time dashboards and reports, and more.
  • Analytics — Get situational awareness and be proactive with real-time data analytics and machine learning that reveal risky behaviors and pre-incident situations, called ActOns™. Scored by business risk, ActOns present information you can act on: highly correlated information about related events, assets, and users. Gain situational awareness and up-level staff by automating Tier 1 and Tier 2-level investigation tasks.
  • Resolutions — Resolve situations quickly and effectively with ActOns and advanced analytics. Analysts, colleagues, ops, customers, even third-party experts and legal counsel can collaborate with context and see what happened when. Two-way integration of ActOns with Chronicle SOAR and ITSMs speeds resolution and enriches existing resolution workflows.


Pricing starts as low as $45 per covered personnel per year with a one-year contract.  Contact us for more information, and visit us on Google Marketplace. Here's a printable version of pricing and plans with more details.


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Details of Resolution Intelligence Cloud subscription plans are below, and here's a printable version.

Foundation Analytics Resolutions
Data and Visibility
Base Platform: Multitenancy, RBAC, SSO
Google Chronicle licenses from Netenrich
Integration with Chronicle SOAR
Data ingestion: Cloud, Hybrid, On-prem
Parser packs & parser management
Detection rule packs & rules management
Threat detection
Netenrich curated threat intel feeds
Signal Browser: Alert listing
Dashboards & Reports: Out of the box, DIY
Customer success manager (CSM)
Customer support
24/7 (Web)
24/7 (Web)
24/7 (Web)
Analytics and Situational Awareness
Analytics workbench
User entity behavior analytics
Attack surface intelligence
Threat detection mapped to MITRE & cyber kill chain
Indication of Compromise intelligence
Vulnerability intelligence
External threats
Threat models
Tier 1+ SOC automation
Tier 1+ NOC automation
Asset Intelligence
Cloud asset intelligence (GCP, AWS, Azure)
ActOn scoring: likelihood, impact, confidence
ActOns for analytics
ActOns for resolutions
ActOn timeline
ActOn war room for collaboration
ActOn policy
ActOn Integrations: ITSMs, ITOMs, SOARs

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