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Resolution Intelligence Cloud

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Security and IT operations at scale and speed

Resolution Intelligence Cloud subscription plans fit wherever you are on your journey:

  • Foundation — Ingest all your data without penalty. Jumpstart Google Chronicle for security data and threat detection at Google speed and scale. Foundation provides multi-level multitenancy, role-based access control (RBAC), single sign on (SSO), detection rule and parser management, rule packs, Netenrich threat intelligence, real-time dashboards and reports, and more.
  • Analytics — Get situational awareness and be proactive with real-time data analytics and machine learning that reveal risky behaviors and pre-incident situations. Situations are scored by risk to the business based on impact, likelihood, confidence. Up-level staff by automating Tier 1 and Tier 2-level tasks.
  • Resolutions — Resolve Situations quickly and effectively with ActOns™: correlated, related events, assets, and users. Analysts, colleagues, ops, customers, even third-party experts can collaborate with context and see what happened when. Two-way integration at the ActOn level with Google Chronicle SOAR (formerly Siemplify) and ITSMs speeds resolution and enriches existing resolution workflows.


Pricing starts as low as $45 per covered personnel per year with a one-year contract.  Contact us for more information, and visit us on Google Marketplace. Here's a printable version of pricing and plans with more details.


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Resolution Intelligence Cloud Plans

Foundation Analytics Resolutions
Data and Visibility
Base Platform: Multitenancy, RBAC, SSO
Google Chronicle licenses from Netenrich
Data ingestion: Cloud, Hybrid, On-prem
Pre-loaded/configurable detection rules, rule packs, parsers
3rd-Party threat intel feed ingestion
MITRE security controls gap analysis
Netenrich curated threat intel feeds
Knowledge Now global attack surface intelligence
Signal Browser: Detection alert listing
Dashboards & Reports: Pre-defined, DIY no code
Guided DIY setup
Cloud asset intelligence (GCP, AWS, Azure)
Notification engine for email & webhook (ChatOps)
Customer success manager (CSM)
Customer support
24/7 (Web)
24/7 (Web)
24/7 (Web)
Analytics and Situational Awareness
Anomaly detection (UEBA)
Attack surface management
Threat detection mapped to MITRE & cyber kill chain
Indication of Compromise intelligence
Vulnerability intelligence
External threats
Threat models
Tier 1+ SOC automation
Tier 1+ NOC automation
Asset Intelligence
Cloud asset intelligence (GCP, AWS, Azure)
Situations (Correlated Signals)
Situation scoring based on likelihood, impact, confidence
Situational analytics
Resolution with ActOns
War room for collaboration
ActOn policy
ActOn Integrations: ITSMs, ITOMs, SOARs

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