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Empower Your Security Journey

With Managed Google SecOps from Netenrich
Managed Google SecOps

Your pathway to security excellence

Managed Google SecOps is where security meets simplicity, and excellence is the norm. Crafted for CISOs, CIOs, and cybersecurity executives at top-tier enterprises, Managed Google SecOps offers a seamless solution to fortify your organization’s defenses against evolving threats.

Managed Google SecOps delivery

Ongoing Google SecOps maintenance, tuning, and training

  • Continuous data engineering, detection engineering, and response engineering to refine rules and use cases to adapt to emerging threats.
  • Close collaboration with your IT team to ensure seamless integration and provide security guidance.
  • Continuous improvement through post-incident reviews and performance enhancements.
  • Comprehensive training on Google SecOps to empower your teams.
  • Dedicated support and regular updates on your security posture and performance metrics.

"Netenrich is a strategic and pure-play partner of Google Cloud that is committed to our AI-powered Security Operations suite. We are excited that Netenrich has thoughtfully built its Adaptive MDR to bring high value and efficiencies to hybrid SOCs for our customers around the globe, and help to make security as simple as possible."



Why choose Managed SecOps from Netenrich?

Netenrich delivers excellence and continued innovation with Google SecOps implementations to help your organization stay ahead of threats.

Our comprehensive training programs and dedicated support staff help ensure your teams’ success. We also deliver regular updates on your security status and performance metrics for informed decision-making.

Ongoing tier-1 product support for Google SecOps 

Unwavering, best-practice support from Netenrich team of experts to help you maintain peak performance of the Google SecOps platform.

Ongoing CSM, project, and/or program management of Google SecOps implementation

Dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM) to ensure smooth and efficient Google SecOps implementation.

Adaptive MDR available 

Choose Netenrich Adaptive MDR to take your security to the next level with 24/7 support, proactive threat detection, and effective response.

Work from a common operational view

Siloed security and digital ops leads to gaps and inefficient duplication of tools, processes, and people. Resolution Intelligence Cloud provides a common operational view and situational awareness aligned to business risk. And it facilitates collaboration within and between teams.

  • Strengthen your security posture
  • Improve performance and up time
  • Boost analyst effectiveness

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Security Dashboard Netenrich

Out-innovate hackers with anomaly detection & situational awareness

Hackers are relentlessly innovative. It's futile to fight them with traditional, reactive methods. 

  • Identify unknowns without detection rules with advanced anomaly detection (think next-next-gen UEBA)
  • Be proactive with actionable insights from data over time, correlated and mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework
  • Identify and resolve what matters most to the business — stop wasting time on alert noise
  • Communicate across functions and coordinate response fast

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