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Security is a big data problem

Resolution Intelligence platform integrated with Google Chronicle is the solution to address the limitations of big data problem.

Digitalization initiatives evolved faster than risk management could adapt, which made the gap between security and IT operations even wider. Accelerated transformation exposed the fact that buying more tools and hiring more talent is not a sustainable approach to operations. Most companies and service providers have more than enough tools and too few qualified experts to run them as it is.

Netenrich introduces Resolution Intelligence Cloud™, a secure operational analytics platform, integrated with Google Chronicle to address the limitations of current security ops and achieve ops at scale and speed.

For many MSSPs, plugging into Resolution Intelligence Cloud is the fastest and simplest way to build services and transform their business with analytics enabled by Chronicle. The Netenrich platform operationalizes Chronicle around multitenancy to drive scale and equip providers to realize value on day one and add their own IP at any time.”  ~ Jonas Kelly, Head of Americas MSSP Partnerships, Google Cloud


Fast-tracking insights and scaling operations

The Resolution Intelligence SaaS platform delivers multi-level multitenant operations that lets managed IT and security services (MSPs, MSSPs) speed response, drive scale, and strengthen business resilience. The platform ingests and normalizes telemetry from Google Chronicle and other sources, automates task management, and generates contextual intelligence with prioritized ActOnsTM for immediate investigation and response.

Google Chronicle collects massive amounts of telemetry data, normalizes it, indexes it, correlates it to known threats, and makes it available for analysis in seconds. Netenrich leverages Chronicle’s powerful security aggregation platform with Resolution Intelligence to give customers advanced security analytics, contextual insights and prioritized actions that work out of the box.

Unique to the platform is the built-in multitenant management to drive efficiency and scale across a provider’s entire client base. The platform’s unified UI streamlines rule-building, threat analytics, and event tracking across the provider’s entire customer base. Manage security ops across all your clients, or drill down to a single client to see what’s happening and manage rules from a single easy-to-navigate console. Three-tiered multitenancy lets analysts from MSPs/MSSPs, their customers and Netenrich track workflows from investigation through resolution, comment or document changes, and assign alerts to specific users and teams.

Resolution Intelligence platform content


Drive resolution at speed and scale

The faster the right people know what happened and is happening now, the faster issues get resolved. Security and ops teams can access, search, retain, and realize greater value from massive amounts of data (and tools) and collaborate through a shared platform to speed resolution.

Chronicle makes it easy to search and find anomalies, investigate root causes, and proactively hunt for threats. The Resolution Intelligence platform streamlines rule-building, case management, task automation, and threat analytics based on historical and contextual data.

The platform’s reliable, intelligent risk-based scoring prioritizes and promotes smarter workflows, so analysts know where to focus first. Richer context enables faster resolution and more advanced IT and security operations.

To see how Resolution Intelligence can optimize your security operations and provide service-provider scale, request a demo to learn more.


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