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Modernize Ops to Reduce Noise by 90%

Troy Abegglen, Customer Success Manager at Netenrich, was the speaker at a recent webinar entitled, ”Reduce 90 Percent Noise Reduction in just 50 days.” With digital transformation scaling and digital Ops becoming more important and complex than ever, it’s critical for IT teams to reduce noise and improve incident response. He shared insights on digitalization and its impact on Enterprise ITOps, including the advent of AI, automation, microservices, containerization, Big Data, and cloud-native applications. Delivering a seamless digital customer experience with these technologies is now table stakes.

In case you missed the webinar, we’ve provided a link to the on-demand version below…


The Tool Problem

Traditional ITOps is finding it extremely difficult to support emerging technologies as they move into their environments. Along with these sweeping technological changes, businesses are implementing an ever-growing suite of tools to manage digital experiences. Which in turn requires more resources, with evolving skill sets to manage these tools effectively. This leads to steadily increased run costs and complexity.

Trying to stitch these tools together with technologies like AIOps and Big Data along with dynamic ITSM platforms, often does not deliver the desired outcomes. Some of the reasons for this are:

  • Challenges around managing resources (people) and ensuring they have the right skill sets
  • Lack of communication across departments
  • Fragmented tools and digital solution implementations

The average enterprise has 13+ tools, with most of them being off-the-shelf integrations. Even with these tools and capabilities, it’s a huge struggle for operations teams to deliver the right outcomes. More tools and more resources lead to massive monitoring noise. Whether it’s a cloud-native app, an infrastructure platform, an ITSM or Sales enablement tool, which provides information on what’s happening in the infrastructure, invariably creates a lot of noise.


IT Credibility – Cost of Not Modernizing

When ITOps is flooded with alerts, it’s hard to determine the priority alerts that need attention. The time it takes to investigate and resolve issues is endless. Organizations want effective and productive operations yet it’s beyond their reach. Much of the time is spent on unproductive ITOps, leading to slower response times and critical issues impacting their business. Tools and technologies are unable to meet the utopian expectations of self-healing and remediation capabilities.

Digital transformation efforts continue to challenge businesses as outages have steadily increased over the past 2 years. Disruption to the business  impacts customers and the bottom line. As businesses lose customers, IT loses credibility. The reality sets that the cost of “not modernizing operations” is too high.

How aligned is your ITOps with your business? Answer a few quick questions to see what you stand to gain and where to go from here.


Modernize Ops to Reduce Noise

How to modernize quickly for proactive, predictive, autonomous digital operations? Watch the on-demand webinar for more details on transformative outcomes you can achieve in just 50 days, guaranteed.

Man-machine reduction of noise and collaboration with customers


  1. Continuous monitoring: Find out how a modern monitoring model reduces noise—and complexity—without you having to buy and manage more tools. Extend the value from your existing infrastructure and gain the peace of mind of knowing your tools, templates, runbooks, and SOPs are all current and actively monitoring your environment.
  2. Alert noise reduction: Drive complete visibility across your entire stack and gain the ability to apply complete context to every issue/alert. Extend insight across domains with machine and expert intelligence to automate detection, alert aggregation, classification, and recommendations to speed the right response.
  3. Close more incidents: Close more incidents automatically and escalate tickets to the right experts with full actionable context. The Netenrich platform can help prioritize incidents and workloads ahead of time with proactive detection coverage from a rich library of automated live monitoring templates for a wide range of use cases.

As with any solid foundation, the faster you transform IT operations, the greater the return you’ll achieve on technology investments. Gain the ability to drive better business outcomes into the future. Want to learn more? Watch the full webinar to find out how the right technology and expertise can transform your digital Ops.


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