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Transforming Digital Ops Into Business Outcomes

Right-size tool strategies, bridge skills gaps, and align operations with your goals for the business.


Netenrich sees digital IT operations a bit differently. We see that today’s approach cannot deliver the real outcomes every business needs, that IT wastes too many cycles solving the same issues over and over, that investing in cloud-scale technologies to innovate and grow your business won’t fully succeed until outmoded, siloed operations evolve to promote change.

So, we changed the game. Where traditional ops revolve around tools, technologies, and processes, Netenrich’s Resolution Intelligence starts with and evolves around outcomes. Our collaborative AIOps platform combines the efficiencies of SaaS-based delivery with the power of automation and more than a decade’s worth of deep tribal knowledge to put time back on your side.


Global 2000 CEOs shifting focus to modern digital strategies to improve the customer experience

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to be invested in digital transformation by 2023

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IT budget goes to run costs

Modern ITOps, resolved

Starting day one, Resolution Intelligence right-sizes tool strategies, bridges skills gaps, levels dysfunctional silos within IT, and aligns operations with your goals for the business. We do this by redefining resolution.

With legacy ITIL-based operations, resolution means chasing alerts and scrambling to close tickets. IT throws disparate tools at a problem only to be bombarded with more alerts, noise, tickets, and fatigue. Cost goes up as IT’s credibility and morale go down. Analysts face the same issues over and over without ever really solving a problem.

Machine intelligence
Machine intelligence
Cross-functional analyst intelligence
Cross-functional analyst intelligence




Resolution Intelligence


10+ years of IT success
10+ years of IT success
Contextual Actionable
Collaborative Managed
SaaSified tribal knowledge
SaaSified tribal knowledge
Proprietary algorithms
Proprietary algorithms
NetOps, SecOps, CloudOps transformation
Business outcomes


At Netenrich, resolution means a faster response and solving core issues. Machine and human intelligence combine to contextualize, predict, and prevent the same issues from occurring again and again.

Technology, people, processes, SaaS-ified.

Resolution Intelligence leverages the best of two approaches-scale-on-demand SaaS platforms and functional outsourcing–to right-size digital operations. The Netenrich Resolution Intelligence platform leverages the tools and technologies you already have and learns with each interaction so value increases exponentially as IT engages.


Modern outcomes, aligned

Redefining resolution

The Netenrich platform uses AIOps and contextual intelligence to correlate data from any source, reduce noise, and engage the right people to fix problems fast. Managed intelligence resolves issues for you, freeing your team to focus on digital transformation and other strategic initiatives.

Modern outcomes aligned

With Resolution Intelligence, the results speak for themselves:

Business outcomes

Ops transformation

Productivity and speedProductivity, speed
Operational stabilityOperational stability
Collaboration across NetOps, SecOps, CloudOps, DevOps
Collaboration across NetOps, SecOps, CloudOps, DevOps
Monitoring blind spots
IT is first to know
Stellar user experience
Stellar user experience
Brand protection
Brand protection
Response times
Reduced IT workload
Noise reduction


Firefighting to trail-blazing in weeks. Try it risk-free!

Netenrich helps some 3,000 enterprises, MSPs, MSSPs worldwide achieve optimal SecOps, NetOps, and CloudOps outcomes—and we can help you, too.

Learn how Resolution Intelligence Cloud can right-size your digital Ops and help IT evolve from a cost center to a change agent, delivering a lasting competitive edge. 



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