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Security operations

25 Years of SIEM: The Rocky Journey to Autonomic Security Operations

In this episode, we are joined by Dr. Anton Chuvakin, Office of the CISO, at Google Cloud Security where we discuss the evolution of SIEM from...

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John Bambenek and John Giglio

Toil Reduction as a Service: Improving Automation in Threat Detection and Analytics

We are joined this week by John Giglio, director of cloud security for SADA, with tales from the trenches on how automation has helped threat...

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Sharat Ganesh of Google Chronicle

Data Analytics Bridges the Gap Between IT Ops and SecOps

Sharat Ganesh, Product Marketing Head at Google Chronicle, highlights the significance of bridging the IT-security operations gap. He underlines the...

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Understanding Attack Surface Intelligence

Understanding Your Attack Surface

Many organizations overlook too many of their digital assets when it comes to managing your security perimeter. Does your perimeter include your...

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Evaluating TCO, Productivity, and Performance of SOC Solutions

Evaluating TCO, Productivity, and Performance of SOC Solutions

SOC teams are suffering from overwork while threats, infrastructure, data, and business transformation continue to expand. Relief is here. Join this...

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Chris Morales and Chuck Harold in BlackHat 2021

Resilient security operations - Black Hat 2021

The current state and challenges of cybersecurity with Chuck Harold of

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Justin Crotty

Resolution Intelligence for Modern Security Operations

Justin Crotty, VP of Channels and Simon Aldama, Sr. Director of RiskOps Solutions, talk about Resolution Intelligence for modern security operations.

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Brandon Hoffman

Modern security operations

Core to business initiatives and delivering outcomes. Solving security problems is now a shared responsibility between DevOps and NetOps teams.

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Keeping IT, Security, and DevOps Aligned to What Matters

Keeping IT, Security, and DevOps Aligned to What Matters

In an industry plagued with buzzwords, “RiskOps” is an idea whose time has come. As transformation accelerates, survival depends on creating true...

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Tools and Strategies for Orchestrating & Automating IT and SecOps

Tools and Strategies for Orchestrating and Automating IT and Security Operations

Chris Morales (Netenrich), Chris Crowley (Montace), and Eric Parizo (Omdia) discuss some of the latest trends in security operations.

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