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Resolution Intelligence Cloud Corporate Overview

Netenrich Resolution Intelligence - Accelerate your business with resilient, scalable operations.

Resolution Intelligence:

Accelerate your business with resilient, scalable operations

Monitoring is important. Detection is important. Resolution is critical. You’ve invested in monitoring and detection to tell you when something goes wrong. Your IT and security teams are flooded with notifications and alerts, so it’s challenging to know what you need to do and when. Netenrich Resolution Intelligence bridges the costly gap between detection, response, and your ultimate goal: resolution. With Netenrich, operational and security issues are resolved before they disrupt your business.

About Netenrich


Our approach brings IT, security, and cloud operations together in one powerful SaaS platform to drive operational intelligence across your infrastructure, applications, and digital experience. We deliver the outcomes you need — greater agility, stronger security, higher skills retention – and keep IT aligned as the business scales.

Monitoring threat detection


Resolution Intelligence dashboard



Warp-speed resolution

Netenrich Resolution Intelligence combines AIOps with more than a decade of
network and security operations center (NOC and SOC) innovation to drive smarter,
faster resolution and analytics that help transform your business operations. Our
solutions integrate with your existing security tools and infrastructure and help you
pivot to resilient, predictive ops faster with less risk and less effort. Our AI engine
continuously evolves using current and historical data points across our installed
base to automate noise reduction and resolution. Netenrich Resolution Intelligence:

  • Reduces noise, cost, complexity, and workload
  • Delivers real-time and “over time” analytics
  • Automates integration and management to maximize tool value
  • Consolidates and correlates data to deliver actionable insights
  • Contextualizes and prioritizes “act-ons” for rapid remediation

Modern digital ops transformation

Modern digital Ops diagram


Risk-driven security posture

Security posture levels

Netenrich aligns intelligent security operations (SecOps) with risk to improve your business resilience and optimize the resources you already have. Resolution Intelligence for cybersecurity promotes full cyber situational awareness (CSA) that equips defenders to predict Time to Compromise (TTC) and act to disrupt attacks on your high-value assets first.

We combine internal and external risk management with threat modeling and intelligence, adversary emulation, attack surface management (ASM), managed detection and response (MDR), and analytics to improve your security posture over time.



Why Netenrich?

Netenrich brings Fortune 100 digital operations innovation, depth, and efficiencies to any size organization. Our platform and solutions help more than 3,000 enterprise customers and managed service providers (MSPs) worldwide up-level their digital operations to achieve unprecedented efficiencies and economies of scale by reducing noise and resolving critical issues faster. Find out more about what we can do for your business today at or contact us.

Leveling the Playing Field

companies-logo Companies



Mid-sized enterprises

Managed service providers

CISO, Chief Risk Officer
VP/Director IT, networking,
IT managers
Business analysts

Financial services
Digital services


Customer and partner references available upon request.


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