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You Don't Have A Tool Problem; You Have A Data Problem

You Don't Have A Tool Problem; You Have A Data Problem

Ops teams buy tools to gain visibility into their environments but still can’t achieve situational awareness while dealing with incidents. It’s time to stop working in the world of dashboards and time-series graphs and start applying the broader capabilities of data analytics.

Join Netenrich’s CSO Rich Lane as he discusses the shift from an alerts/ticketing mindset to one rooted in modern data analytics. You’ll see how answering these questions can unleash the power of data you already have:

• How fast can we change the ITOps model?
• How should we invest in tools — and avoid vendor lock-in — going forward?
• Can we use analytics to drive a world-class CX?
• How should we be using automation?

Watch this webinar and learn more about how the power is in the data.

For more details on the e-conference or to schedule a time to speak with Netenrich, please contact

About Netenrich

Netenrich delivers complete Resolution Intelligence to transform digital operations into smarter business outcomes. With fifteen years’ innovation across IT, NetOps and SecOps, Netenrich applies a dynamic mix of machine and expert intelligence across a wide range of products and SaaS-based offerings. The solutions integrate with more than 140 market-leading IT and security applications to drive digital transformation, mitigate brand exposure, increase efficiencies, and bridge skills gaps. More than 6,000 customers and organizations worldwide rely on Netenrich to gain increased visibility and actionable intelligence across their IT and cloud networks. The company is privately owned and based in San Jose, CA.

To learn more about Netenrich, visit and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

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