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What is a virtual network operations center?

A virtual network operations center is a central location with the sole purpose of reducing noise, identifying and prioritizing incidents, minimizing escalations, and ensuring uptime. With a remote working model, IT managers can virtually analyze alerts, metrics, logs, and traces with the aim of identifying and resolving the root cause of incidents before they become outages. A virtual NOC can help teams collaborate during the incident management process, diagnose and address issues through a single view, instead of multiple screens—each dedicated to different monitoring tools.


In Netenrich

The virtual network operations center serves as a defense mechanism against unplanned downtime, especially during remote collaboration. Through the virtual NOC, you gain complete visibility into your network so you can detect anomalies and take steps to prevent incidents or quickly resolve issues as they emerge. Furthermore, the virtual NOC detects security threats to network performance with trained experts available to effectively respond. The right security-oriented NOC also collects and automatically analyzes data, notifies key personnel in real-time, and reduces false positives.