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NOC to revitalize a service provider’s business

Enterprise-class NOC

Netenrich helps a service provider build scalable, agile enterprise service model to improve their NOC (network operations center).


The partner, a leading systems integrator (SI) and cloud services provider, helps its customer move towards software-defined, hyper converged and hybrid cloud infrastructure models to drive IT transformation, deliver ITaaS and focus on business innovation. Headquartered in the north-east of USA with regional offices across the New England region, they now served 500 clients and business of all sizes. They also revolutionized customer support by delivering the first true flat-fee, unlimited network support program for their customers. In the last decade, market trends highlighting the popularity of IT Services Providers pushed them to change their focus from selling hardware and professional services to providing managed services with recurring revenue.



The partner acquired another Managed Services Provider (MSP) business to build a recurring revenue stream with high profit margins by leveraging their existing services infrastructure and customer portfolio.

Challenges with business expansion:

The newly acquired MSP's focus was on the SMB market, and its existing technologies were designed for small businesses, due to which the partner faced challenges in adopting complex IT environments and scaling into the enterprise market without adding headcount and overhead costs. They also acquired legacy tools which make it difficult to gain visibility across the IT towers.

Challenges with their NOC:

Their existing SMB NOC business was not adequately optimized leading to high operating costs, lower margins, inferior skill sets, high mean-time-to-repair (MTTR), missed SLAs, and low availability - all of which contributed to client and employee attrition, and loss of recurring revenue. The lack of a robust, repeatable process and limited automation resulted in inconsistent service delivery exacerbated by the fact that the NOC team had to deliver their services manually.

Challenges with their IT operations:

Additionally, the existing IT operations practice comprised of separate groups of IT Operations experts monitoring and managing various end-clients using multiple RMM tools, none of which were integrated. It was proving difficult to check the health and performance of the IT infrastructure of multiple clients, in the absence of a unified monitoring dashboard. The partner's in-house IT department was experiencing high employee attrition due to the inefficient use of skilled personnel. In the absence of a proactive management, firefighting problems took center stage leading to delays in projects and postponement.



The partner chose Netenrich to become their strategic partner in helping them build a scalable, agile enterprise service model to improve their current NOC business. Our experience and knowledge in remote infrastructure management, a library of standard operating procedures, automation and visionary bimodal IT structuring and optimization all culminated in an end-to-end IT operations optimization for our service provider client. It enabled them to drive efficiency and rapid service deployment while delivering high-quality service to their end-customers.

Netenrich offered the following solutions:

01  Enterprise Command Center (ECC) provided a single pane infrastructure monitoring dashboard for our partner's end customers.

02  Enterprise-class IT operations, maintenance, and management , delivered 365 days a year with an integrated virtual team, and without increasing their headcount and expenses.

03  Functional Sourcing approach with 24X7 IT operations and focused teams with expertise in event management, SOP execution, patching, release management, OEM management, circuit management, reporting, email management and MACD's.

04  24X7 escalation managers to oversee smooth operations and guarantee uptime allowing the partner to focus on responses to critical customer issues and perform root cause analysis.

05  Dedicated quality and transitions managers to ensure high-quality operations, low defect density and improved service transitions.

06  Established a POD model with high skilled resources to handle 80% of delivery and ensure high-quality services.

07  SIP and automation drives to ensure low MTTR and proactive problem management.

08  Standardization of all processes and procedures to ensure business service reliability and increased workforce efficiency.



32% improvement in profit margins

30% reduction in device-to-alerts

50% reduction in process deviations

90% utilization ensured by agile POD delivery model



The partnership with Netenrich delivered significant results and diverted the partner's resources to focus on revenue-generating activities. They gained a substantial increase in customer satisfaction after Netenrich implemented a customer excellence forum to effectively and proactively address customer issues. The POD delivery model ensured 90% utilization across Windows, network, and virtualization. The partner's executive reports were automated saving a significant amount of their effort. The client saw an increase in customer penetration with proactive partner success and presales support. The transformed integrated NOC lead to an increase in employee satisfaction for the partner.

Enterprise-class NOC service



Netenrich partners with CSPs, MSPs, VARs, large SPs, ISVs and distributors across the globe to provide remote, industrialized IT Operations Services for IT infrastructure. Netenrich is a strategic partner with Microsoft o Azure, and its comprehensive range of packaged solutions for cloud -- Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, and OpenStack -- enable CSPs to scale their business and increase recurring revenues rapidly. Its industrialized and remote IT operations services for cloud, DC, and cyber-security are powered by automation and an advanced, next-gen platform, to monitor and manage IT infrastructure and operations across on-premise to cloud. Netenrich is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, USA and has 10+ distributors, 100+ partners, more than 1,000 end-clients, and six offices across the world. It has over 500 employees with competency in various advanced technologies and processes.

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