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What is Network virtualization?

Network virtualization combines multiple physical networks to one virtual, software-defined network. It can also divide one physical network into separate, independent virtual networks. Physical resources in the network, including routers and switches, are accessible by any user via a centralized management system. Virtualization also enables automation of multiple administrative tasks, reducing manual errors and provisioning time. It provides greater network efficiency and productivity.


In Netenrich

With Netenrich you can monitor your remote offices, implement configuration changes faster, cheaper, and with expert guidance. Our software-defined solutions help deliver consistent performance that maps back to business goals by correlating network metrics, visualizing flow topology, and optimizing end-user experience. Netenrich monitors your network’s and application’s performance and collects data for administrators to review and catch issues quickly. Automatically identify incident patterns and instantly alert the appropriate personnel. You can gain end-to-end visibility into application flow topology and monitor packet loss, jitters, and latency issues impacting performance. Understand the behavior of your high-priority applications for faster root-cause analysis.