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Risky Business: How Secure Are You?

Risky Business: How Secure Are You?

Learn how to identify the right risks and mitigate them quickly in the digital transformation era.

Why lose time fire-fighting alerts when you can find out what is truly “risky” to your business and address it? Watch the on-demand webinar with Chris Steffen, Research Director at EMA, and Chris Morales, CISO at Netenrich, to learn how enterprises are shifting towards proactive, continuous and predictive security operations.


4 key takeaways from the webinar


1. Focus on what matters

CISOs and security practitioners face daily the rigors of “too many alerts,” “too many tools,” and “lack of skilled analysts and resources.” Time to investigate and resolve issues is endless. Organizations struggle identifying “major-risks”.

In this webinar, you will learn how businesses can align their cybersecurity better by reducing noise and focusing on what matters the most.

2. Avoid daily operational risks

Traditional risk management strategies and tools take you everywhere but the actual real-time security risks. By the time an attack is identified, it's already too late and your team ends up grappling with the fire.

This needs to change in the digital transformation era wherein every second a new risk emerges. Businesses need to have access to immediate insights on their risk posture and be able to plug gaps much before the attackers find them

Learn how risk posture management secures your business from daily operational risks by mapping them with real-time threat intelligence.

3. Put time on your side

Up until now, security has been focused on answering questions like "how much did it take to detect?", or "how much did it take to respond". This approach puts your SecOps in perpetual fire-fighting mode wherein you are running short of time, always.

However, with the focus on questions like "how long does it take for an attacker to compromise" you can put time by your side and put right security controls at the right place at the right time. Christopher Morales and Chris Steffan dive deep into this in the webinar – join to hear the conversation.

4. Modernize threat detection

Threat detection and response tools have been around for many years now – but do they tell you about the attack vectors that matter to you?

Learn how and why breaches still happen despite organizations having disparate range of tools for detection and response.

Watch the on-demand webinar to find out how Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Threat Modelling put your security on a faster lane.


Get access to the free webinar today!

Learn how you can operationalize risk with Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Threat modelling.

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