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What is Managed Security Service (MSS)?

Managed security service is one of the most common approaches taken by organizations to manage their security needs. The services can be outsourced to specialized companies like Netenrich to oversee the company’s network and infrastructure or it can be handled in-house by a dedicated team as well. MSS teams carry out round-the-clock monitoring of firewalls, intrusion detection, manage patch management and updates, respond to emergencies, assess security audits and overall security, and the list goes on. There are several software tools to help security professionals efficiently manage their tasks with reduced manual intervention.


In Netenrich   

Netenrich understands your need to deliver a great customer experience while maintaining top-line growth. Renowned as a world-class digital IT Operations, transformation, and managed service provider, we help you with a wide range of technology management solutions, improve service quality, optimize service delivery operations for scale, and provide remarkable client satisfaction. Netenrich partners with some of the largest MSPs in America to transform their service operations and position for growth, sustainability, and scale.