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Resolution Intelligence Cloud for Digital Operations

Resolution Intelligence Cloud for Digital Operations

Resolution Intelligence Cloud is a cloud-native platform for managing digital operations efficiently and effectively at scale with operational data analytics.

Increasing infrastructure complexity, hybrid-cloud workloads, and data volumes are stretching IT teams and budgets — with no end in sight. There’s a lot at stake. Outage costs and the number of prolonged downtime incidents are on the rise. At the same time, security incidents are escalating in frequency, sophistication, and cost. All of which impacts digital operations and increases business risk. 

Enterprises and service providers can’t solve these problems just by hiring more people (which is hard anyway). Their IT teams have to become more effective at providing resilient, reliable, and secure digital operations. It’s time for a new approach. 


Run digital operations efficiently @scale

Resolution Intelligence Cloud is a cloud-native platform for managing digital operations efficiently and effectively at scale with operational data analytics.  

Resolution Intelligence Cloud uses data analytics and machine learning to correlate events from all of your operations and security detection sources. It delivers intelligence that IT analysts can act on to proactively identify issues – often before they become incidents – and resolve them fast. It automates routine tasks, saving time and improving performance. Moreover, Resolution Intelligence Cloud is built for service providers and enterprises that need service-provider scale.


Key benefits

  • Unify secure operations and share a common operational view. Get visibility across hybrid-cloud and on-premises infrastructures — and across IT, Cloud, and Security data. All teams work better together using a common operational picture. 

  • Boost effectiveness with automation and AIOps. Resolution Intelligence Cloud reduces noise of too many tickets and automates responses that don’t require humans in the loop. It presents analysts with the information they need to proactively detect and resolve incidents and potential incidents at their fingertips.

  • Detect and resolve issues faster and proactively. Using data analytics at scale, Resolution Intelligence Cloud detects patterns across the infrastructure and over time. It correlates related events, users, and assets to identify incidents before customers are impacted. Real-time dashboards reveal trends across all, some, or any customer.


Have context and data you can act on

Resolution Intelligence Cloud tackles the problems of too many low-level tickets: (1) an alert may or may not mean something is wrong, (2) you need context — over time — to determine whether an alert matters, which takes time and skill to determine (and time is never on your side), and (3) there are so many of these alerts that it’s too easy to miss important issues that impact the business.

Resolution Intelligence Cloud reduces ticket noise and false positives by correlating related events, alerts, users, and assets into ActOns™. It quantifies the business risk of each ActOn based on likelihood, impact, and confidence, so analysts know where they need to focus first and can resolve issues fast. A single ActOn console shows correlated detections, user and asset data, evidence, and graphs, saving hours of research time. Instantly create a war room to collaborate on ActOns with colleagues and customers. Click on any event to investigate in detail.


Observability from a common operational view

Resolution Intelligence Cloud monitors Cloud, Application, Network, Unified Communications, and more. Save time with continuous asset discovery and real-time context awareness.

It ingests data from IT ops and security data, then classifies and normalizes it so it’s useful and fast. Resolution Intelligence Cloud applies real-time analytics, context, and correlation for unprecedented visibility. Real-time dashboards and reports reveal trends across all, some, or any customer.


Resolution Intelligence Cloud for Digital Ops


Automate response

Resolution Intelligence Cloud’s AIOps provide “incident-awareness” that validates, automatically resolves when possible, and runs diagnostics — tasks otherwise executed by analysts. Its built-in automation library provides value with IT operations’ most common problems. Sophisticated alert routing characterizes incoming alerts and identifies the right team for fast resolution.

Resolution Intelligence for automation

Make your data actionable

Resolution Intelligence Cloud ingests all telemetry data, applies an ontology to make sense of it, and uses real-time analytics and machine learning to quickly find and present meaningful patterns. It correlates related events over time, reducing the noise of point-in-time tickets and helping identify root causes. It detects risky situations before they become incidents, automating response and remediation when possible.


Manage multiple tenants in one place

Resolution Intelligence Cloud works at service-provider scale, with role-based access control and multi-level multitenancy that makes it easy to manage customers from one place.


2500+ Integrations

Resolution Intelligence Cloud collects IT operations data using native integration to more than 2,500 monitoring tools and APIs.


Learn more

Watch the Resolution Intelligence Cloud for Digital Operations video. Read more about the Resolution Intelligence Cloud platform. 



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