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What is Digital Customer Experience?

The term digital customer experience refers to the sum of all digital interactions between a company and a customer, forming an impression of your brand. The touchpoints across the digital experience may include website, apps, chatbots, social media, customer support channels, IoTs and more. The final takeaway from all the interactions is your brand perception. Digital customer experience is about,

  • Do your customers find the experience of engaging with your business fast, effortless, personalized, and enjoyable?
  • Do they feel secure about their data and transactions?
  • Do they trust your brand with the information they share with you?
  • Does your brand provide them with relevant information and services to maintain the trust?
  • Do they find your brand approachable?

Customers who are satisfied on all these accounts are more willing to do business with a brand and share their data. This helps brands understand and serve them better with customized offerings. That said, customer data remains extremely sensitive and valuable, and online businesses constantly face the threat of malicious attackers who intend to steal it. For businesses that use digital interface, it is important to ensure they meet the desirable needs of customer experience and meet the requirements to keep those interactions safe and secure. The key here is to maintain an equilibrium between customer experience and cybersecurity. Businesses that do well in creating a chain of such safe interactions stand to gain. Comparatively, those that fail to nail the digital customer experience may face loss in revenue, reputation, and trust.


Digital customer experience in Netenrich

Netenrich's Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ helps you resolve the critical and complex challenge of digital customer experience. It empowers you with fully customizable solution that brings together disparate tools, APIs, and domain expertise from SMEs adept in cloud, PaaS, big data, and customer experience itself.