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Increase situational awareness

Looking “Left of Bang” to Increase Situational Awareness

At Netenrich, part of what we’re doing is looking "left of bang." Bang (!) is geek speak for when we see detonation of malicious content. What...

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A chess pawn with crown on its head with other chess pawns at the side

Attack Surface Management during Mergers & Acquisitions and Cloud Migrations

Cybersecurity risks often go through the roof when your organization goes through mergers & acquisitions and cloud migrations. However, proper Attack...

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A building floor like a maze

How to Understand your Attack Surface?

Abhishek Bhuyan, Senior Product Architect at Netenrich, and Matt Bromiley, SANS digital forensics and incident response instructor, recently held a...

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A boxer wearing gloves punching on the air

Five Times You Should Attack Your Attack Surface

Short answer: all the time. Since that doesn’t happen, there are some powerful “inflection points” for taking stock of your digital attack surface...

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Attack Surface for Dummies Takeaways: Integrating with Cyber Threat Intelligence

Attack surface management (ASM) and cyber threat intelligence provide protection your organization needs to defend its brands and assets. ASM offers...

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OpsRamp Tackles Security From The Outside-In With ASI

“The second you say you’re a SaaS platform, people start asking questions about security,” says Viswanatha Penmetsa, Director of SaaS Operations at ...

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