On-demand webinar


With cybersecurity threats continuing to grow faster than security budgets, CISOs, CIOs and SecOps teams are left at a dangerous disadvantage. Even enterprises running their own Security Operations Centers (SOCs) find the perennial shortage of skills. Join Netenrich and IBM for an outcome-driven look at this new approach. We’ll show how you can:

  • Determine SOC-aaS ROI compared to building your own.
  • Know scope/elements of SOC-aaS.
  • Understand what goes into a best-in-class solution [HINT: superior SIEM capabilities are just the beginning!]

  • Embrace fluid and robust workflows across your Network, Cloud, and Security.
  • Enjoy unprecedented performance and obliterate SLAs with ease.
  • Experience an unbeatable combination of AIOps + Managed Intelligence.