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Virtual network operations center

A virtual network operations center is a central location with the sole purpose of reducing noise, identifying and prioritizing incidents, minimizing escalations, and ensuring uptime. With a remote working model, IT managers can virtually analyze alerts, metrics, logs, and traces with the aim of identifying and resolving the root cause of incidents before they become outages. A virtual NOC can... More


A parasitic malware that attaches itself to a host file or the MBR (Master Boot Record). It replicates itself inside the victim's computer by modifying other programs and inserting its own code. A virus can cause billions of dollars worth of economic damage to businesses. It is designed to jump from one system to another, making it a nuisance for... More


A vulnerability is a weakness or flaw in a computer system, network, or software that a threat actor can exploit to gain unauthorized access, steal sensitive information, or disrupt normal operations.... More

Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment (VA) is a systematic review of weaknesses in an organization’s information security systems. Organizations rely on effective vulnerability assessment programs, and with the right tools, they assess the risks and implement solutions to mitigate security breaches. These assessments are conducted regularly, but they become important when changes have been made such as installation of new equipment, adding new... More

Vulnerability intelligence

Vulnerability intelligence is a critical component of the risk assessment framework. It involves consolidating vital vulnerability information from a variety of external and internal sources and then providing a contextualized assessment of organizational risk. For each vulnerability, vendors examine historical data, criticality ratings, potential fixes, etc.... More

Vulnerability management

Vulnerability management involves proactively identifying and fixing potential weaknesses in an enterprise’s network security. The aim is to apply these fixes before a hacker can use them to cause a cybersecurity breach. Vulnerability management should take a comprehensive approach to the development of resilient network security best practices and processes designed to detect, analyze and address flaws in software or... More

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