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Threat detection

Threat detection is the practice of proactively analyzing your digital infrastructure to identify any potential malicious activity. It can include the process of identifying, analyzing and identifying past and present threats to thwart future cyber attacks.... More

Threat hunting

Threat hunting is a cyber defense activity that’s fully focused on identifying threats early on. Detecting new campaigns through continuous threat hunting can save your company a lot of time and money. Modern cybersecurity can no longer afford to be reactive, slow, and alert-driven. You need to be proactive and fast. Threat hunting allows you to pick up information about... More

Threat intelligence

Threat intel is a collective term for all the information about threats and threat actors that help mitigate harmful events in cyberspace. It includes information gathered from open-source intelligence, social media intelligence, human intelligence, technical intelligence, or intelligence from the deep and dark web. The biggest advantage of threat intel is that it allows SOC teams to practice proactive cybersecurity.... More