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When cybersecurity fails, it’s a pretty big deal. Getting it to work well is also a big deal and the rules for doing so are less clear than they are, say, on the network side.

The basic idea is to optimize the “SOConomics” of your budget, resources, and the overall value derived from your upfront and ongoing spend.

  • A software-as-a-service approach to SOC right-sizes consumption based on target outcomes and fast- or suddenly changing needs.
  • Beyond investment flexibility, Intelligent SOC insulates your SOC investments against change with an expanded suite of functionality.
  • Builds a knowledge base with each transaction such that, over time, machines can resolve a higher percentage of incidents without analyst intervention
  • Captures and operationalizes tribal knowledge — people, process, history, and product context — for future use
  • Scales without you having to recruit, train, and wait for new analysts to learn the ropes
Maximizing investment value with Intelligent SOC
Maximizing investment value with Intelligent SOC