Resolution Intelligence® platform for Secure Operations
Run with more security, resilience, data, and visibility
Threat Detection Solution Overview
Analytics to Improve Threat Detection
Resolution Brief
Accelerate your digital transformation journey to deliver the ultimate customer experience.
Attack Surface Intelligence: See what threat actors see
ASI combines security expert and artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver complete Resolution Intelligence.
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AIOps @Scale: Tracking and Analyzing Digital User Experiences through ITOps
Rich Lane talks about Digital Experience Monitoring and analytics approach to digital operations
AIOps @Scale: The Data Powering Digital Operations
See and understand what’s happening in digital operations
AIOps @Scale: Drive to Reinvent Managed Services for Scale and Growth
Learn how MSPs are innovating services for scale and growth
AIOps @Scale: CIOs Pay Attention to Risk-Driven Secure Digital Operations
Learn why it's becoming more important to have security embedded across all digital operations.
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Resolution Intelligence® for Microsoft Defender Overview
Managed Security for Microsoft Defender for Endpoint & Office 365
Threat Detection Solution Overview
Analytics to Improve Threat Detection
Managed EDR - Solution Brief
Keep the Odds in Your Favor with Smarter Detection & Response
Netenrich Corporate Overview
Netenrich Resolution Intelligence - Accelerate your business with resilient, scalable operations
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Taking a Situational Awareness Approach to Proactive, Risk-Aligned Security
Taking a Situational Awareness Approach to Proactive, Risk-Aligned Security
Understanding your attack surface - SANS Review
See what SANS has to say about Attack Surface Intelligence
Threat and resolution attack surface intelligence
See what hackers see and stop them in KNOW time.
Addressing cybersecurity talent shortages and threats with managed services
Bridge the skills gap and efficiently handle the increasing threats and attacks on your network.
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Rising Need For Risk-Driven and Proactive SecOps - Dimensional Research Report
The latest survey results from Dimensional Research highlight the growing need for security operations (SecOps).
Pivoting to Risk-Driven SecOps - Executive Brief
Pivoting to Risk-Driven SecOps - Executive Brief
Threat and attack surface resolution
Achieve Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence led by machines and powered by security experts.
Attack Surface Intelligence sample report
Make your cyber defense resilient by moving from reactive approaches to proactive ones.
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Risky Business: How Secure Are You?
Learn how enterprises are shifting towards proactive, continuous and predictive SecOps
Resilient security operations - Black Hat 2021
The current state and challenges of cybersecurity with Chuck Harold of
Reduce noise by 90% with Resolution Intelligence
Reduce noise, improve incident response, and increase efficiency exponentially.
Modern Ops to Resolve Digital Experience
Accelerate digital transformation to deliver the ultimate customer experience.
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How CISOs Can Leverage Intelligence
Learn how evolving to an Intelligent SOC model makes security operations more effective
Seven times to attack your attack surface
Grab this eBook to find out how attack surface management (ASM) can be more continuous
Intelligent SOC - Right-sizing SOConomics
Know how to gain stronger brand protection, higher ROI, reduced cost, and higher profitability.
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Case Studies

A clinical equipment services provider's journey to cloud
Smooth datacenter migration to the cloud.
NOC to revitalize a service provider’s business
See how our partner gained an agile POD delivery model.
Global media giant's DevOps implementation
New DevOps environment enabled simplified server and application management.
IT Ops transformation for an auto company
Redefining IT operations to meet financial and efficiency target.
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