Senior Java Developers

What You Do:

  • Work with the Architecture team to design and implement next-generation IT operations management platform 
  • Document and communicate the architectural patterns and designs Enforce architecture compliance 
  • Work collaboratively with the engineers to inculcate a culture of innovation and accountability
  • Develop a deep understanding of the domain. Find creative solutions to complex problems
  • Be hands-on and guide the by example 


Who You Are:

  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent preferred  
  • 5 to 7 years’ experience in building scalable enterprise software applications 
  • Minimum 3+ years’ experience in designing scalable web applications strong understanding of Micro­services architectures and ELK stack 
  • Expert level programming skills in Java programming
  • Prior hands­on experience in developing and deploying Microservices solutions on Cloud  
  • Experience with technologies used for service registry like Consul, Zookeeper, Curator,  
  • Experience utilizing IaaS and PaaS from Azure, Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Services.  
  • Experience using and developing RESTful APIs using JAX­RS, JSON 
  • Experience with event­based and message­driven distributed system
  • Strong understanding of OOPs
  • Expert level programming skills in Java data structures, and reactive programming technologies 
  • Strong understanding of HTTP protocol, WebSocket, SSE, and other web technologies
  • Strong familiarity with web servers and load balancing technologies  
  • Good knowledge and experience in Agile Scrum methodology  
  • Experience building scalable enterprise or consumer web applications 
  • Bachelor’s/Master’s in computer science from a top tier engineering college 
  • Domain knowledge in IT operations management 2+ years’ experience as a senior engineer 


Benefits And Perks:

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Access to catered lunches, snacks, and beverages
  • Generous and flexible time-off policies built to suit all your needs
  • Fully covered health insurance for full-time employees
  • Fully paid parental leave
  • Great coaching from senior leaders


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