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Increase situational awareness

Looking “Left of Bang” to Increase Situational Awareness

At Netenrich, part of what we’re doing is looking "left of bang." Bang (!) is geek speak for when we see detonation of malicious content. What...

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situational awareness for threat detection

Situational Awareness Is Key to Faster, Better Threat Detection

Threats start with risks. Understanding risks is really just situational awareness. And that awareness leads to faster and better detection. The...

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data analytics

CISOs Must Make Data Analytics a Top Priority

This time of year, people often ask me about highlights from the past year and what to expect in the new year. As I reflect back on major threats and...

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Close-Up View of Hacking System

UEBA, It's Just a Use Case

"UEBA, it’s just a use case." – Netenrich CISO Chris Morales

He’s not wrong. But I’d take it a step further. User entity and behavior analytics (...

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Cybersecurity Year in Review

I recently sat down and interviewed Sharat Ganesh, Google Security product marketing leader, and Jonas Kelley, head of Americas MSSP partnerships for...

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Want to Optimize Threat Detection & Response? 5 Patterns vs. 500 Rules

One vendor uses 5 patterns, the other uses 500 rules. What’s better?   

Anyone who has configured a SIEM or UEBA (e.g., QRadar, Splunk, ArcSight,...

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