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SANS review report

SANS Institute Evaluates Resolution Intelligence Cloud, Gives Thumbs Up

To keep an enterprise up and running, security is essentialand no doubt, why security teams keep more than busy. Day in, day out, they are...

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Knowledge Now

How to Get Started with Threat Intelligence: Knowledge Now

The internet is a goldmine — but also a jungle — of threat intelligence. You can certainly turn to it to track exploits, vulnerabilities, and...

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Detection engineering

What Is Detection Engineering?

Detection engineering is the process of designing and implementing systems, tools, and processes — for example, security information and event...

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Situational awareness

Beyond UEBA: A New Approach to Anomaly Detection and Situational Awareness

User entity and behavior analytics (UEBA) has been great at solving some significant shortcomings of SIEM (security information and event management)...

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Security solution

Grow Your Security Solution Competitiveness with Netenrich and Google Cloud's OEM Program

Netenrich and Google Cloud have joined forces to offer a Fast-Track OEM program for security product innovation. Now security solution providers can...

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