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Liza Kurtz

Liza Kurtz worked in Marketing and Communications at Netenrich. She is strongly passionate about strategic communications and content marketing providing strategic content development, integrated marketing communications and campaign management.

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New Dimensional Research Survey Shows Rising Need for Risk-aligned SecOps

Newly available survey results from Dimensional Research confirm the growing need—and appetite—for security operations (SecOps) to become more...

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Attack Surface Management during Mergers & Acquisitions and Cloud Migrations

Cybersecurity risks often go through the roof when your organization goes through mergers & acquisitions and cloud migrations. However, proper Attack...

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What Would It Mean To “Resolve” ITOps?

As Netenrich rolls out our Resolution Intelligence® ITOps platform, it seems appropriate to ask what exactly it would mean for enterprises to resolve...

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Five Times You Should Attack Your Attack Surface

Short answer: all the time. Since that doesn’t happen, there are some powerful “inflection points” for taking stock of your digital attack surface...

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Security Operations Center Challenges 2021: What Needs To Change?

Pulling security activities out of the NOC into dedicated Security Operations Centers (SOCs) sounds like a good thing. Centralize handling of...

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