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It is our experience that organizations too often overlook many of their digital assets. Security is defined as a perimeter or in terms of internal versus external threats. This classification works, but only for a subset of assets. Does your perimeter include your brand or domains? Or does it stop at your external-facing firewall?

Watch the SANS webcast entitled: “Understanding Your Attack Surface,” as we examine how Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI),

  • Provides unique, industry-leading insight into the potential attack surfaces that your organization may, or may not, be aware of
  • Delivers easy-to-use, insightful dashboards with immediate security relevance
  • Helps classify and define your digital footprint, and thus your digital attack surface

Click here to download the SANS white paper.

  • Embrace fluid and robust workflows across your Network, Cloud, and Security.
  • Enjoy unprecedented performance and obliterate SLAs with ease.
  • Experience an unbeatable combination of AIOps + Managed Intelligence.