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What is Next-gen firewall?

A next-generation firewall combines a traditional firewall with other network device filtering functions – including an application firewall using deep packet inspection (an intrusion prevention system.) It is part of the third generation of the firewall technology. 97% of organizations believe managing can improve capabilities such as visibility, threat prevention, reducing surface vulnerability, and response. But most modern firewalls won’t provide adequate visibility into threats and poor integration can leave sysadmins with dangerous blind spots.


In Netenrich

Leverage a firewall that moves beyond protocol inspection and blocking to add intrusion prevention, application-level inspection, and intelligence from outside the firewall. Ensure zero downtime with IPS technology that uses deep packet inspection (DPI) to search traffic for exploits, patterns and anomalies indicating attack. Modern firewalls offer more features than legacy firewalls. But today’s workforce is unfamiliar with latest features of firewall, making it difficult to manage the firewall solution.