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Threat Detection Solution Overview

Resolution Intelligence for Threat Detection platform

Analytics to Improve Threat Detection

Resolution Intelligence™:

Analytics to Improve Threat Detection

“Can we prioritize threats and act quickly without adding to our ops challenges?”

Yes, you can. Netenrich Resolution Intelligence™ delivers analytics for threat detection through a powerful platform to improve your security monitoring, speed the right response, and strengthen resilience as you scale.

Threat detection highlights


The legacy approach to security operations (SecOps) — throwing more tools and specialists at the problem — adds to perennial challenges with managing tools, maintaining skills, and battling the deafening noise. Resolution Intelligence offloads these challenges from your team and adds context to drive the right action based on risk to the business.

Threat assessment


Insight to “ActOns” in a Fraction of the Time

With too many tools generating too many alerts and false positives for L2/L3 teams to process, Netenrich automates and offloads integration and management to drive efficiencies across monitoring, detection, and response. While offloading tool administration, the Netenrich solution correlates input on threats arising from endpoints, applications, hybrid infrastructure, and user behavior. The platform ingests and enriches security telemetry with threat feeds, OSINT data, CVE information, and expert insights to provide granularity and context for investigation and triage.

Threat detection platform

The Resolution Intelligence Platform uses AIOps to reduce noise and automatically applies 12+ years’ codified ops expertise to prioritize and fully contextualize ActOns for cyber-defenders. The platform bridges skills gaps by automatically engaging the right responders and equipping them with exactly the right insights to resolve risk quickly, or even proactively. Flexible options support managed service provider (MSP) and hybrid SecOps models now gaining in popularity at every-size enterprise.

Cybersecurity posture plan


Prioritization + context = Smarter response, resolution, resilience

The Netenrich platform automatically focuses your efforts on mitigating internal and external risk that requires immediate action. Continuous validation of threat detection keeps you a step ahead of serious attacks actually targeting your assets.

With automated risk scoring and 100% mapping of all alerts to MITRE ATT&CK de facto standards, we spot indicators during all important phases of an attack. For example, signs that an adversary may be evaluating hosts for compromise or trying to use stolen credentials.

Resolution Intelligence enables rapid action and proactive resilience:

  • Automated investigation, risk scoring, noise and false positive reduction
  • Incident management and war room capabilities
  • A converged data set for IT, cloud, Dev-, and SecOps
  • Common data lake for all security telemetry
  • Threat hunting with built-in threat intelligence
  • Single-pane-of-glass visualization
  • Support for multi-tenancy

Resolution Intelligence at workYour tools and teams work smarter and faster. Netenrich Resolution Intelligence enhances threat detection by offloading time-consuming correlation, investigation, and analysis to automate and speed response and resolution. Efficiencies increase over time as the platform leverages AIOps and machine learning (ML) to resolve more incidents and codify tribal knowledge to improve monitoring and detection.

incident-managementTransparent incident management and scoring. Incidents and relevant resolvers are automatically scored by Netenrich AI/ML engines based on business context. Incident management is collaborative via ChatOps to enhance transparency and break down silos across teams and functions.


Resolve to be Resilient — and Stay Aligned

Built by seasoned cybersecurity veterans with a broad range of skills and specialization across threat detection, incident response, risk management and security research, Netenrich’s data-driven Resolution Intelligence Platform keeps operations aligned to risk. A purpose-built user interface (UI) provides visibility into open tickets with guided remediation steps for a lasting advantage over ransomware, malware, and other crippling cyberattacks.

Netenrich delivers transparency, flexibility, and scale to give MSPs and in-house operations teams one trusted source for actionable data and predictive analytics as operations scale. Our platform leverages automation and experience running operations for more than 6,000 organizations in one powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to drive awareness as or before you need it, and keep ops aligned with risk.

Resolving for resilience


Try It Risk Free

Try Netenrich Resolution Intelligence to streamline SecOps, speed the right response, and strengthen your cyber risk posture.


Features, Benefits, Analytics

What we do What you gain
Big data lake processing of cybersecurity
data — unstructured, semi-structured, or
structured data
• Model data into data sets based on
   specialized domain knowledge. Enable
   navigation by users to analyze business
   cases without need for technical knowledge
Ingest data from multiple sources (machine,
non-machine) in various formats (JSON,
XML, unstructured as web logs and app
• Run analytics on big data
• Analyze, detect, gather insights, and
   respond to cybersecurity threats and risks
   in all forms that they exist in an enterprise
• Retain data for 12 months
Gather and analyze data from websites,
applications, devices, sensors, etc.
• Eliminate blind-spots in your environment
Enable monitoring for detection and response across endpoints, EDR, hybrid cloud,
NDR, users, SaaS apps, IDS/IPS, firewalls
• One-stop-shop visibility for cybersecurity
   monitoring, detection, response, and                   resolution
• Eliminate swivel-chairing across multiple tools
Integrate with customer tools for log
and alert ingestion 
• Detect threats embedded in network
   traffic flows
• Stop major incidents before they happen
Support network sensors • Advanced analytics
• Standard and custom reports on EDR
   performance and incident management in         the environment
Integrate threat intelligence • Leverage threat intel from industry-leading
   sources including Chronicle
• Stay ahead of threat actors
Normalize, index, correlate, and analyze data
to glean instant analysis and context on risky
activity in enterprise
• Faster searching and querying on different
Retain, analyze, search, and tag massive amounts of security and network telemetry • Create metrics, predict future trends, and
   identify patterns in data
Manage detection rules & use cases (standard and custom) • Create and manage rules to detect,                     prioritize, and respond to high-impact threats
• Solutions for email, cloud, network security,
   endpoints, servers, hosts, users
• Multi-level rule management for service             providers and clients
Perform advanced threat hunting and investigation • Proactively find risk to stay ahead of bad           actors
• Search back in time and chronology for threat
   patterns and correlation
Perform advanced threat detection and
• Recognize, expose, and shut down malicious     operations before they take hold
Manage IP address white and black • Track friend and adversary activity for more
   efficient processing
Provide big data lake with advanced analytics processing support • Run powerful search queries on security, IT,       cloud, and DevOps data
Enable visual workflows of big data • Increase efficiency, improve SOC outcomes
Ease of configuration of alerts and incidents • Pre-integrated support for popular ticketing       systems (such as ServiceNow)
Correlate alerts and incidents using AI/ML • Trigger emails or RSS upon matching criteria
• Reduce noise and alerts
• Obtain better insights on alerts and business     impact
Enrich alerts and incidents with actionable
context and intelligence
• Make better decisions faster
Score alerts and incidents based on AI/ML • Sort and prioritize incidents easily by metrics     that are most important (e.g. risk, impact)
Define notification and escalation paths and
• Configure hierarchy of escalation                         notifications
• Notify via multiple modes – email, phone,           SMS
Automate incident resolution (IR) using
pre-built runbooks
• Speed detection and response with insights       from Netenrich Resolution Intelligence                 database
Provide incident management interface for
• Eliminate need for heavy-duty ITSM/ticketing
Track incident timeline • View chronology of threat events as they           happen
Reduce false positives with analyst-vetted
insights and automation
• Eliminate wasted cycles
• Prioritize incidents that matter most


Platform Features and Benefits

What we do What you gain
Create standard and custom dashboards,
insights, reports
• Build custom reports and dashboards without
   need to code
• See search results in chosen format – charts,
   reports, pivots, etc.
• Data organized for intuitive, effective                   decision making
Classify asset intelligence for noisy and
problem assets
• Prioritize threat hunting analysis faster
Create MITRE ATT&CK-based classification
and dashboards 
• Standardize on industry nomenclature/               format for modeling threats and attacks
• Know your detection coverage and blind             spots
• Reduce training costs
• Improve speed, quality of threat response
Manage ActOns • Get AI/ML-prioritized, sequenced, context-         rich tasks to “act on” and resolve incidents
Promote collaboration with ChatOps • Break down silos across IT, Sec, cloud,               DevOps to democratize security
Flexible deployment model • MSPs and enterprises can use the platform to
   create and provide a variety of services to         external and internal customers
Achieve cloud security • Understand security posture from on-                 premise to cloud
Streamline onboarding and configuration • DIY / self-service - go at your own pace
• Customer, device, and context onboarding         wizards
Maintain transparency • Share cybersecurity insights and track efforts
   across teams, functions, and service                   providers
Support multi-tenancy for service providers • Onboard and support end-clients’ individual
   tenant and firewall their data 


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