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Resolution Intelligence Cloud Plans & Pricing

Resolution Intelligence Cloud dashboard

Netenrich Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ brings risk management, data analytics, and machine intelligence to enable organizations to transform to an Autonomic Security Operations (ASO) approach.

Organizations gain complete situational awareness to better detect and prioritize patterns that indicate risk — even before critical events occur. By distilling large volumes of alert noise down to ActOns — which represent context and information about related events, assets, and users and are ranked based on impact, likelihood, and confidence —  the platform pinpoints the alerts that pose the most critical risk and that needs immediate resolution.

Unique to the Resolution Intelligence Cloud platform are advanced features, including behavioral analytics, customizable machine learning (ML) models, and predictive threat management and response. The platform builds the foundation for a modern cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) while leveraging existing security systems for increased scale and speed. 

Moreover, Netenrich Resolution Intelligence Cloud platform operationalizes Google Chronicle, a next-gen cloud SIEM, for scale and speed, while adding multi-level multi-tenancy, easy-to-use content management for rules and parsers, and much more. The platform also integrates with Chronicle SOAR and other ITSM tools to speed resolutions. It prioritizes risk and converges operations while optimizing SIEM, SOAR, UEBA, and various data sources to improve overall operational efficiency.


Netenrich Resolution Intelligence Cloud Benefits:

  • Competitive advantage: By adopting an ASO approach sooner rather than later, you gain a competitive advantage through scaling risk management to align better with business and by reducing operational costs.
  • Advanced behavioral analytics: Advanced behavioral analytics help discover, quantify, prioritize, and resolve risks across cybersecurity, digital, and development operations (DevOps).
  • Predictive intelligence: Artificial intelligence (AI) engines not only quickly process events, analyze data, and detect anomalies, but their ability to continuously learn also helps prevent cyberattacks.
  • Machine learning: Machine learning (ML) models identify threats that may otherwise go missed, helping you stay ahead of threats and protect your organization from cyberattacks.
  • Large language models: Training data for customizable ML models allows you to converse with data with a sub-second response.
  • Intelligent SOC routing: Intelligent routing capabilities direct pressing incidents to the right people for resolution.
  • Multi-tenant scalability: Multi-level, multi-tenant support enables scale to accommodate the needs of businesses, both large and small, without imposing unnecessary financial burdens.
  • SOC and threat collaboration: Enhanced collaboration features facilitate cross-organizational communication and co-ordination to speed incident resolution.
  • Automation: Automation of low-level investigation tasks helps streamline processes, save time, and boost productivity.
  • Unified visibility: A single pane of glass for all cybersecurity and digital operations data provides a holistic view into your environment to speed threat detection and response.
  • Flexible packages and pricing: Flexible options are available to meet the needs of your organization — no matter your size and where you are in your security journey — today and into the future.


Netenrich Resolution Intelligence Cloud Plans — Enterprise

Wherever you are on your ASO journey, we have a plan to meet your needs.

Resolution Intelligence Cloud ESSENTIALS   Resolution Intelligence Cloud STANDARD   Resolution Intelligence Cloud PREMIUM
A perfect fit for your enterprise if you are just establishing a SOC.   A perfect fit for your enterprise if you already have a SOC but are operating it in a traditional manner. Your organization might be heavily reliant on manual processes and thus, could greatly benefit from the introduction of ML models to enhance your security operations.   Designed for your enterprise if you have an advanced mindset towards risk and the adoption of automation and ML systems. Your organization has already embraced the power of ML but is now looking for ways to prioritize and manage risk better while optimizing your SOC operations.

This plan serves as a stepping stone for you to establish a SOC and provides you with the necessary tools and support for threat detection.   This plan serves as a stepping stone for your enterprise to transition from traditional methods to a more modern, ML- and behavioral analytics-based approach. It provides the necessary tools and support to help you navigate this transition smoothly, while enhancing your threat detection capabilities and improving your overall security posture.   This plan offers advanced ML models and automation tools that can help your enterprise prioritize and manage risks better, detect and respond to threats faster, and achieve higher efficiency.


To learn more about how you can prioritize and manage risk better in your environment, as well as increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your security and digital operations, visit Netenrich or contact the Netenrich team.


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