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Cyber Situational Awareness - Solution Brief

Resolution Intelligence for situational awareness

This guide helps CISOs, CIOs, and their boards to manage cybersecurity risk and, in the process, reduce exposure to harm.

Align risk with operations to protect what matters

How do you improve resilience across an ever-changing threat landscape? Keeping security operations (SecOps) aligned to risk gives your business a lasting advantage over ransomware, malware, and other devastating cyberattacks. Netenrich Resolution Intelligence creates ongoing situational awareness based on potential impact so you can strengthen resilience while reducing complexity.

Align risk with operations to protect what matters


We operationalize risk management to deliver actionable insight that helps ensure availability, improve response, and maximize return on cybersecurity investments (ROI). Predictive analytics and actionable context help resolve customer issues quickly while keeping SecOps aligned to risk as your threat landscape changes.

Netenrich cyber situational awareness



Insight to action in a fraction of the time

The Netenrich Resolution Intelligence Platform leverages machine learning (ML) and 13+ years’ ops expertise to drive awareness when or even before you need it. Our platform takes in and enhances data from multiple sources to illustrate fast-changing dynamics between your business assets, security controls, and the various techniques used by attackers to steal data and hijack operations.

Our ongoing process combines:

• Asset management
• Threat and vulnerability intelligence
• External attack surface management (ASM)
• Threat modeling
• Adversary emulation

Advanced threat modeling charts

Advanced threat modeling charts the various paths attackers can take to compromise assets, operations, and data.

We quantify risk and deliver rich context, prioritization, and recommended steps to mitigate and avert risk. Prescriptive insights drive smarter, faster threat hunting, detection, response, and resolution out of the gate and over time.

Graphical heat maps showing easiest assets to compromise

Graphical heat maps show which assets are easiest to compromise so IT and security teams can prioritize mitigation and be more proactive.


The metric that matters: Quantify Mean Time to Compromise (MTTC)

No security team can chase every alert or block every attack, but you should always know where to start. Resolution Intelligence for Situational Awareness quantifies risk based on likelihood of attack so your defenders can predict, intercept, and disrupt attacks based on impact.

The process starts with identifying your organization’s crown-jewel assets — the data, systems, operations, and processes the business cannot run without — and modeling step-by-step pathways to reach them. The Netenrich solution measures the likelihood of attack and applies trending threat intelligence about your environment to calculate attackers’ mean time to compromise (MTTC) — a meaningful “true north” metric by which to manage SecOps.

Resolution Intelligence platform data points

Attack Surface Intelligence overall risk score

MTTC – Cybersec’s new “True North.”

The Resolution Intelligence dashboard shows the probability of a web server being compromised within one day is 6 percent. If the attack path goes unaddressed for 28 days, the probability of an attack succeeding rises to 50 percent.

Emulating adversary behaviors shows defenders how — and how quickly — intruders might navigate from various entry points to steal data or shut down operations. Even with unprecedented insight into attack probability, your defenders need to know more, like what steps to take and when something changes. Netenrich reports and dashboards features recommendations on what to do — and do first — to disrupt malicious behaviors. Ongoing discovery detects events that automatically trigger additional threat modeling and adversary emulation.

Attack Surface Intelligence dashboard discovering risks

Netenrich ASI automatically discovers risk from brand and domain exposure (sub-domains, web sites, certificates, content management systems, etc.) – unpatched vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations. Analysis and prioritization take place continuously with easy drill-down investigation into individual risks uncovered.

Compared with pen tests, red teams, and security ratings that provide only point-in-time perspective, Netenrich Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) delivers ongoing coverage and assessment of brand risk from domains, cloud exposure, unpatched vulnerabilities, common misconfigurations, and shadow IT.

Attack Surface Intelligence dashboard showing misconfiguration and brand exposure

Staying aligned — less risk with less effort

To achieve resilience, SecOps and cyber risk must stay closely aligned. Netenrich Resolution Intelligence brings the right technology, automation, people, and processes in one powerful software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform to promote better collaboration across IT, security, and cloud operations. Sharing a common analytics platform helps to democratize security so all teams make better decisions to drive resolution in a fraction of the time.

Staying aligned - Less risk with less effort

If, after aligning risk with operations, you need help with execution, Resolution Intelligence for Threat Detection can drive higher efficiencies within your security operations center (SOC). Our solutions span vulnerability management, detection and response, patching, and ASM on an ongoing basis.

Resolving for resilience

Netenrich Resolution Intelligence digital operations solutions add predictive analytics that help slow attacks and speed response based on risk and business impact.

Resolving for resilience

Start today. Scale tomorrow

Try Netenrich Resolution Intelligence for Situational Awareness to streamline SecOps, shrink your attack surface, and strengthen your cyber risk posture within weeks.

Flexible pricing tiers are based on the number of licenses, assets, and expert evaluations your environment requires.

Try it risk free.

Resolution Intelligence for situational awareness

The missing piece. Complete, ongoing cyber-situational awareness pulls together data, intelligence, and processes to document the relationship between your critical assets, internal and external risk, and IT and security controls.


Features and benefits

 What you get What you gain
Automated asset and privileged access discovery
• Visibility and control of users with privileged
   access to valuable assets
• Discover shadow IT and deprecated assets
• Eliminate manual asset discovery
High-value asset discovery
• Visibility and understanding of high-value assets
• Risk-driven prioritization
• Leverage controls in the attack path
Threat modeling and adversary emulation
• Map, rank, and shut down potential paths to
   attack high-value assets based on impact and likelihood
• Align ops to mitigate the most critical threats first
• Increase time to compromise assets
• Threat intelligence contextualizes adversary emulation
Quantify Mean Time to Compromise (MTTC)
• Proactive risk mitigation
• SecOps aligned around meaningful “north-star” metric
• Contextualize and prioritize mitigation efforts
Regular/on-demand threat briefing calls
• Expert insight into how trending threats affect your
   business and critical assets
Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI)
• Discover external risk from publicly exposed or typo-
   squatted domains, compromised email credentials in
   breached databases, exposed credentials in public cose
   repositories and public cloud stage, unauthenticated
   services, content management systems (CMSs), expiring
   or abandoned certificates
• Speed and prioritize threat hunting, detection and
   response efforts
• Maintain Situational Awareness across dynamic threat
• Alert threat modelers to changes in the external attack


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