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What is cyber resilience?

Cyber resilience is the ability to respond to, withstand, and recover in a timely manner from an unexpected outage or disruption to data or system accessibility caused by a cyber incident. It is a crucial aspect of cybersecurity and involves implementing strategies, processes, and technologies to minimize the impact of cyber threats. Cyber resilience goes beyond just preventing attacks; it focuses on anticipating and mitigating the potential damage caused by cyber incidents. This involves having robust incident response plans, regularly testing and updating of security measures, and training employees on best practices for cybersecurity. Cyber resilience is all about maintaining continuity of operations and protecting an organization’s valuable data and assets.

The banking industry offers an excellent example of cyber resilience. For years, cybercriminals have targeted banks, who’ve don’t anything but stay complacent, but worked hard to continually evolve their defenses — for instance, implementing multi-factor authentication, encryption techniques, and real-time monitoring systems to detect and respond to any potential breaches. Additionally, banks are known to conduct regular penetration testing and train their employees to recognize and prevent phishing attacks. By continuously adapting and strengthening their cybersecurity measures, banks demonstrate their commitment to cyber resilience and safeguarding their customers’ financial information.


In Netenrich

The Netenrich's Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ provides contextualized situational awareness and streamlines incident management, based on likelihood, impact, and confidence, so companies can reduce business risk and strengthen cyber resilience while reducing data complexity. By leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, the platform can analyze vast amounts of data in real-time, providing actionable insights into potential business risks and security breaches. With its ability to detect, quantify, prioritize, and respond to risks quickly and effectively, the Resolution Intelligence Cloud platform plays a significant role in enhancing an organization’s cyber resilience and fortifying it against the ever-growing threat landscape.