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What is threat intelligence platform?

A threat intelligence platform (TIP) serves as a centralized hub that automates the collection, analysis, and dissemination of threat data from numerous internal and external sources, such as global security and threat intelligence feeds, Dark Web monitoring, and internal network telemetry, to help security teams proactively identify and mitigate relevant organizational risks before they can cause significant damage.

A threat intelligence platform applies advanced analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to provide real-time insights into emerging threats, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors. It helps organizations make informed decisions about potential threats, strengthen their defenses, and safeguard their valuable assets from sophisticated cyberattacks. In today’s interconnected world, a robust threat intelligence platform is a key element of a robust cybersecurity and business resilience strategy.


In Netenrich

Resolution Intelligence Cloud integrates with and enhances the capabilities of threat intelligence platforms, providing an added layer of protection and threat intelligence for organizations. This integration allows for the seamless exchange of data between the platforms, enabling organizations to gain valuable insights into potential threats and vulnerabilities. With its advanced data and behavior analytics and machine learning capabilities, the Resolution Intelligence Cloud™ platform can process and distill vast amounts of data in real-time (with context), identifying patterns and trends that may indicate a potential threat, and providing users with a clear and holistic view of findings. The integration of Resolution Intelligence Cloud with other threat intelligence platforms not only strengthens the latter but also provides organizations with a comprehensive view of their security landscape. This way, security teams can take a more proactive and comprehensive approach to threat detection and response.