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What Makes the SOC “intelligent” Part II? Assessment, Pen Testing, and Resolution

A proactive and resolution oriented soc

Sneden Michael
Post by Sneden Michael Feb 24, 2021

In case you missed Part I, we recently posted about improving security operations center with Intelligent SOC, starting with improving the basics (check out What Makes the SOC “Intelligent” Part I: MDR, Managed SIEM, and Beyond). In this post we’ll pivot to look at becoming more proactive.

Recent headlines can attest to the depth and cunning of threat actor activity to exploit organizations’ cyber defense systems. To stay a step ahead, enterprises need to be able to do more with less—and do it faster—beginning with reducing the complexity (and if possible, the cost) while expanding the capabilities and impact of the traditional SOC.

What is SOC-as-a-Service


A next-level, intelligent security operations center (ISOC) speeds incident response and frees or equips SecOps teams to be more proactive and take a top-down approach to resolution. Where the traditional SOC deals mainly with risk—fielding alerts and sifting through the noise to validate, prioritize, and escalate issues, an Intelligent SOC goes beyond this to focus on your actual exposure.

In other words, how much more efficient—and how much safer—would you be if there were fewer alerts and incidents to respond to in the first place?

Finding Exposure as it Happens | Attack Surface Management

We touched briefly on Attack Surface Management (ASM) in Part I as an example of a non-traditional SOC capability. Let’s take a closer look at that now.

You may already be addressing your external digital risk with efforts like pen testing and red team exercises, which do unearth various types of exposure that you can address to reduce risk. The downside, along with cost in many cases, is that these efforts only capture exposure for the duration of the exercise. Complement or supplement pen testing with Netenrich’s Intelligent SOC to achieve continuous coverage.

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ASM will also help in managing ongoing activities like configuration and patching vulnerabilities. You need to know any time someone leaves a port open or fails to spot a misconfiguration that can lead to a full-blown data breach. Security misconfigurations can have devastating effect on businesses. According to Verizon’s DBIR report 2020, more than 43% breaches can be traced back to web applications, and 20% can be traced back to content management system (WordPress, Drupal, Jhoomla, etc) misconfigurations. Ongoing attack surface discovery with solutions such as Netenrich Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) can and should begin and continue in the SOC to make life easier from the ground up.

Prioritizing Vulnerabilities in SOC

Regardless of how good a detection system is, it doesn’t matter if a patch never gets installed. We all know that there’s a steady stream of vulnerabilities discovered each day, and no one ever really expects to patch them all.

So how do you decide which to address, and which to address right now? With Intelligent SOC, you start with regular vulnerability assessments for discovery purposes, but add correlation with real-time global threat intelligence to aid with prioritization. Risks exist not just outside but often within the organization’s layers as well. Exposures within the network are continuously scanned and assessed to minimize business and security risks.

Intelligent SOC delivers continuous vulnerability assessment along with web application and internal vulnerability scanning. Integration with Netenrich’s Knowledge NOW (KNOW) global threat intelligence speeds and simplifies correlation to enable rapid, accurate prioritization. KNOW empowers you with a threat intel platform that extracts data from billions of data points. The relevant data is correlated by smart AI operations and expert threat analysts to help you discover, search, and take timely action to protect your network – in a fraction of time.

  • KNOW aggregates the hottest cybersecurity news
  • Get a complete context about the most trending malware, attack vectors, hashes, domains, and vulnerabilities.
  • Access critical threat context that covers known IOC associations
  • Get access to threat database, which has 150,000+ entities

Bridging Skills Gap in Security Operations

At the end of the day, the smartest thing you can do is to make your team smarter. This might mean investing in cyberwarrior and other training, but it can also mean bridging gaps with proven expertise. Intelligent SOC brings both machine and human intelligence – automation and expertise –to bolster efficiency end-to-end.

An advanced AIOps platform jumpstarts the process, but decades of experience drive the right action. With insight into both threats and exposure, Intelligent SOC empowers the SOC team to assess, discover, prioritize and act to resolve risk faster.

See how it applies to you

Does the possibility of doing security smarter from the SOC on up pique your interest? If so, check out how Intelligent SOC can not only improve your basic value and ROI metrics but help shrink your attack surface, speed response, and make you more proactive (so there’s less to respond to in the first place).

Sign up to find out more about trying Intelligent SOC or receive a free, limited-time-only Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) report. You’ll be amazed by how much you find, and how fast you can act. Would you like to experience in real-life how Intelligent SOC will add great value to your SecOps team, check out our ISOC trial to know and do more about your cybersecurity.


Sneden Michael

About the Author

Sneden Michael

Sneden is a experienced writer who enjoys the process of creating compelling copies. He believes that geek talk is no good unless converted into actionable content. Sneden feels that the world is best explored through the eyes of Google Street View.

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