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What Makes the SOC “Intelligent” Part I: Detection, Response, and ROI

Your security operations center deserves nothing but the best

Sneden Michael
Post by Sneden Michael Feb 10, 2021

Recent surveys show it costs enterprises about $3.5 million to run an effective security operations center (SOC). That’s one thing, but running an ineffective SOC still costs about $2 million per year, and that seems a tad wasteful. Perhaps worse yet, even after spending such formidable sums of money, stakeholders still lack clarity as to how well their investments are performing.

Threats and exposures are constant, and security operations must evolve just to keep pace. As a result, Ops are too complex, and only getting more so every day, and with every new tool.

Rather than preaching to the choir, we wanted to look at what CISOs, CIOs, and other cybersecurity professionals should expect from a smarter, more scalable approach.

Why is it so hard to make the SOC effective (and an OK place to work)?  

For most companies, increasing costs, complexities, and skill shortages are the main contributors to unoptimized security operations and budget overruns. Check the table below to get an idea about the SOC situation today.

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SOC engineers are under extreme pressure dailyDemands are increasing with the growing rate of data breaches and privacy concerns. Faced with a shortage of qualified engineers and budget constraints, retaining top talent should be a major strategic focusWhy not start with cutting down on the noise and sheer workload SOC engineers face day in and day out?  

Beyond MDRIntelligent SOC–as-a-Service 

Managed detection and response (MDR) is the most common approach used in the cybersecurity industry today. MDR typically includes four components – threat intelligence, advanced analytics, managed security incidents, endpoint detection and response (EDR) and events management (SIEM).

intelligent soc

The traditional approach to endpoint detection and response (EDR) is not effective considering the rate at which threats evolve. Employee devices are at risk, and cyber-attacks can affect your entire business in a matter of seconds.  

Rather than simply playing catch upIntelligent SOC combines machine and human expertise to improve response. The Netenrich team reviews EDR data to see what’s important and filters out what isn’t. Reliable expert analysis backed by decades of experience helps validate and eliminate noise and alert fatigue quickly. We help with endpoint agent installation and provide continuous active defense and active monitoring. 

How should you resolve the SIEM?

Your SOC team’s time and efforts are valuable and investing in SIEM helps maximize the value of both. However, there’s more needed than just a SIEM. There’s distributed infrastructure, increasing false positives, limitations in the workforce, and the list can keep going.  

Intelligent SOC features a managed SIEM solution that helps organizations fully leverage their SIEM investments. Offloading configuration and ongoing optimization reduce the need for dedicated expertise and keeps deployments current and performing optimally.

Intelligent SOC for smarter security operations

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What about your attack surface?

Your first reaction may be, “what does my attack surface have to do with the SOC?” Fair question.  

As Netenrich defines Intelligent SOC, the strategic shift toward being more proactive—toward looking at exposure as well as traditional risk—starts here. Intelligent SOC features our Attack Surface Intelligence (ASI) solution for continuous discovery of risk that might be lurking within brand and domain exposure, certificates, code repositories, and vulnerability management.  

We’ll look at this in more depth in our future post, “What Makes the SOC Intelligent Part II.” In the meantime, we invite you to explore the value of ASI reporting free for a limited time, or to see how Intelligent SOC makes security better and faster, and life that much easier. Sign up for a risk-free trial today. 

Intelligent security operations centers do not just revolve around discovering issues but are designed to help organizations act fast and make good decisions. This means validating threats, then contextualizing and prioritizing the ones your experts need to focus on. 

Netenrich Intelligent SOC: Smarter, Stronger Security Operation 

Netenrich’s Intelligent SOC approach combines the best of human and machine intelligence in security operations to optimize inefficiencies. Leveraging the best of big data and AIOps to correlate and collate tons of data into intelligible and actionable insights, highly experienced Netenrich SOC analysts help transform your operations and advance overall security.

When you adopt Intelligent SOC-as-a-Service, you can expect:  

  • Seamless onboarding in half the time  
  • SOC cost reductions of 35 percent 
  • Intelligent threat detection  
  • Elastic pay-as-you-grow consumption  

Right-sizing skills, cost, and results is critical to mitigating risks and exposures while implementing the right solutionsMake sure your team has the last laugh – or at least avoids fatigue. Click here to experience Intelligent SOC for yourself.


Sneden Michael

About the Author

Sneden Michael

Sneden is a experienced writer who enjoys the process of creating compelling copies. He believes that geek talk is no good unless converted into actionable content. Sneden feels that the world is best explored through the eyes of Google Street View.

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