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Application Modernization To Fast Track Digital Transformation

Modern applications created using cloud-native services support innovation that drives business results and most importantly keeps costs under control.

Abishek Allapanda
Post by Abishek Allapanda Sep 18, 2018


In this digital economy, IT is slowly moving from the back seat to the forefront of the business. Digital disruption is driving the transformation of legacy systems. It’s enabling IT Ops teams to modernize and build a new IT landscape.

As an IT leader, are you under constant pressure to deliver more with less? An ongoing challenge, is the demand to improve competitiveness and corporate agility. That’s while most of the business transactions continue to run on legacy applications. An application modernization strategy is the most logical answer. Modern applications created using cloud-native services support innovation that drives business results and most importantly keeps costs under control.

Modernize your legacy apps before they break your business


First, you may want to review your existing application architectures to identify the changes needed for the application to run in the cloud. Alternately, you can design and implement an entirely new application that takes advantage of cloud-native services. Build advanced functionalities keeping Big Data, Analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) in mind. Modern, responsive interfaces can help your end-users will be able to take advantage of the cloud to access the application from anywhere using any device.

Modernized applications are built to rapidly scale, self-heal and offer high reliability of services, while also enabling business benefits such as:

  • Agility and innovation: Introduce new business capabilities and innovation. Increase operational agility to adapt quickly to future market and technology disruptions, while handling changes from customers and competition.
  • Cloud-ready: Transition to a modern, cloud-based model to leverage capacity on-demand and reduce costs via multi-tenancy.
  • More ROI: Modernize systems and methodologies to deliver high-quality outcomes at a faster rate. Enterprise IT can become self-reliant, secure, independent, and a service provider to the business.


Application modernization is critical for enterprises. It requires cloud expertise, next-gen technologies, and best practices. Identify the most valuable capabilities of your legacy platforms and create a modernization strategy that delivers the maximum value.

Netenrich provides the right expertise with our application modernization services to build cloud-native applications on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft and Netenrich have formed a unique partnership to help you explore the latest trends in cloud technology and make informed decisions that strategically support your business goals.

We can help you use Azure Services Fabric, Azure Application Services, Azure Service Bus, Azure Event Hubs, Azure Functions, Azure API Management, Azure SQL Database, Azure Storage, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Como DB, and Azure App Insights to ensure high availability and scale.

  • API Management provides a secure way to publish APIs to app developers and external partners. It helps you set up quotas, enforce policies, and access usage insights.
  • Logic Apps offer rapid integration and app development with no-code, designer, and out of the box adapters.
  • Azure Functions allow server-less compute and automation.
  • Service Bus Queues provides a store and forward messaging framework, for integrating with external systems.
  • Windows Azure BizTalk Services enable complex message processing.
  • EventHubs can be leveraged to capture logs and build out an ELK architecture to provide a scalable solution for error handling and troubleshooting.
  • Containerization allows for handling load and scaling out individual components easily.
  • Application Insights capture monitoring data and various metrics for each service. This helps in troubleshooting and improves the maintainability of the overall solution.

Find out how we can help you enable continuous performance optimization for all your modern IT systems and apps, support the modern enterprise, and manage service costs effectively.

Abishek Allapanda

About the Author

Abishek Allapanda

Abishek is a Marketing Manager at Netenrich and absolutely adores alliterations. He is a metal music fan who does content marketing, in that order. When he’s not writing he can be found watching football, making music, or playing with animals.

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