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Threat Hunting Services

Detect, analyze, and avoid threats with expert help from Netenrich

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Stop firefighting:  Move to proactive, highly automated security operations

Netenrich offers subscription-based Threat Hunting Services (THS) to customers who use Resolution Intelligence Cloud™. Netenrich security experts provide timely insights and guidance, rule tuning, attack surface reviews, and more while training your security team in advanced threat hunting, detection, and response techniques. Netenrich also offers project-based services.

If you’re stuck in low-value SOC work, you’re always fighting fires. Netenrich Threat Hunting Services helps you transform security operations from constant firefighting to a data-driven, risk-aligned, and highly automated approach to managing threats using Netenrich’s Resolution Intelligence Cloud and Google Chronicle.

You maintain control of your SOC: THS is not a managed “eyes on glass” service or SOC outsourcing. Service providers maintain their relationships with their end-customers/end-users. You own your IP: rules, parsers, and dashboards that Netenrich builds for you as part of your THS subscription are yours.

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Threat Hunting Services subscriptions

Three levels of THS subscriptions correspond to the three Resolution Intelligence Cloud plans. Services include:

  • Weekly detailed threat hunting reports show you what's important based on most recent activity externally and internally to your organization.
  • Meetings with Netenrich security leaders on the Detection Engineering, Analytics, and Threat Hunting (DEATH) Labs team to discuss your questions and learn what you can do to strengthen your security posture.
  • Detection, correlation, and enrichment tuning in Resolution Intelligence Cloud.

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"With the Resolution Intelligence Cloud multitenant capability, we have all the alerts and threats right in front of us without having to wait for data from backend databases to populate for our analysts to view. It’s an immediate benefit. We’re saving hours and hours per analyst on our day-to-day operations. Ultimately, for our customer, we're going to be able to find the threat in their infrastructure much faster."

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THS - Foundation

For Resolution Intelligence Cloud Foundation subscribers

Learn how to perform detection engineering like a pro with:

  • Rule tuning in Chronicle
  • Threat feed management & tuning
  • Ongoing health checks
  • Situational awareness reports based on Knowledge NOW, Netenrich’s free global threat intelligence service

THS - Analytics

For Resolution Intelligence Cloud Analytics subscribers

Learn how to threat hunt in Resolution Intelligence Cloud and Google Chronicle with:

  • Trend and activity reporting
  • Identification of higher-value work to improve security posture
  • Correlation/enrichment tuning
  • Attack surface reviews

Project-Based Services

Netenrich also offers non-recurring, project-based services for all Resolution Intelligence Cloud subscribers:

  • Custom YARA-L rules development
  • Dashboard conversion/creation
  • Parser building
  • Splunk conversion

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Meet the team: DEATH* Labs

*Detection Engineering, Analytics & Threat Hunting

Led by John Bambenek, cybersecurity expert and Principal Threat Hunter at Netenrich, the Detection Engineering, Analytics, and Threat Hunting (DEATH) Labs team uses data, data analytics, machine learning, external intelligence, Resolution Intelligence Cloud, and their deep experience to find and thwart threats. 

DEATH Labs delivers intelligence-driven threat awareness and analytics that improves the ability of Netenrich customers and partners to detect and respond to cyber threats targeting their high-value assets. Check out the DEATH Labs podcast.



DEATH Labs podcast

Tune in every other Wednesday for a new installment of the DEATH Labs podcast

In each podcast, John Bambenek, renowned cybersecurity expert and Principal Threat Hunter at Netenrich, interviews fellow security leaders on the latest cyberattacks and what you should do now to avoid them.

Get insights on advanced threat hunting, detection, and response techniques. Catch these conversations on the cutting edge of cybersecurity, with plenty of wit and humor, for security experts and newbies alike.

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