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A clinical equipment services provider's journey to cloud

A clinical equipment services provider's journey to cloud

Netenrich helped a leading provider of clinical equipment services smoothly migrate its datacenter to Microsoft Azure Cloud.

About the client

The client is a US Fortune 500 company who has been serving the healthcare industry for more than 70 years. As one of the largest provider of clinical equipment services for healthcare facilities in the US, they wanted to explore cloud technologies and open doors to new ways of delivering values to their customers. As a first step to establishing a more scalable and agile IT infrastructure in the cloud, they chose to migrate their datacenter environment to Microsoft Azure Cloud.


The client's needs

As the company grew in size, managing close to 800,000 pieces of medical equipment and working with more than 7000 hospitals, they were facing challenges with the management and maintenance of their IT environment, which included a tangled web of legacy servers, systems, applications, and processes.

The client's existing datacenters, which were built and hosted on legacy infrastructure, were not scalable and the provisioning of environments was time-consuming activity for the IT team. Their IT landscape was fragmented, unstable and expensive, making it difficult to scale and deliver services at speed.

They were getting close to the renewal of their datacenter contract, so when looking for alternatives, they found that moving to cloud was their best option. The question was not if they should migrate, it was what is the best way to ensure a smooth and strategic migration to cloud

Major challenges

Legacy servers (SQL Server 2005) and applications (Domino apps) were inefficient and caused delays in data transfer, user access, and security.

Lack of network segmentation for the development and production environment caused low network bandwidth.

Limited availability of information on the design and code of these applications due to lack of in-house experts on legacy applications.

High IT costs incurred due to the physical and legacy datacenter infrastructure.


The solution from Nentenrich

The client selected Netenrich to assist their IT department in devising a cloud strategy, selecting the most efficient approach, and gaining a thorough understanding of the steps involved in the migration process. Netenrich executed the full datacenter migration to Azure cloud starting from discovery and assessment to the development, integration, final deployment and management.

Netenrich conducted detailed assessment of their existing legacy environment and migrated the client's datacenter to Microsoft Azure Cloud using migration best practices, tools and technologies. The new cloud environment was integrated with OpsRamp, a platform that integrates multiple systems, platforms, services and tools to provide a holistic view and operational insights.

The PaaS migration to Azure ensured swift application modernization, enabling the client to go server-less quickly. Netenrich also carried out an IaaS migration from SAP BO, a, service migration, an end-to-end Trizma application migration and an EA to CSP migration with ServiceNow migration. All this, while providing 24x7 monitoring and managed services for the complete datacenter to improve application performance and management.

The links between the client's devices and other networks were encrypted using VPN tunnels, along with an improvement of their network security and firewalls. Additionally, Netenrich set up comprehensive protocols and processes for business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR).

Netenrich achieved remote management via a single-pane-of-glass and provided remote monitoring and management support for operating systems and LOB applications. Along with the ability to scale the modern cloud datacenter to meet growing business demands, the additional benefits include an increase in service quality and reduction of operational expenditure.


Benefits with Netenrich

improvement in application performance lead to an increase in user satisfaction
increase in ROI due to cost-effective processes and systems
improvement in efficiency due to the modernization of IT operations and processes
cost savings on datacenter-related capital by moving to Azure Cloud
Automation removed manual dependency for scaling and provisioning in cloud
Azure site recovery was enabled between two regions reducing recovery time by 80% Security policies were applied to each layer for protection from unauthorized access


Partnership with Netenrich

The partnership with Netenrich delivered performance improvement, reduction of operational expenditure, automated scaling of the IT environment, and modern IT infrastructure with no network drop-outs or manual backup. The client's IT can now focus on projects aligned with business goals due to the simplification of managed tasks. IT has transformed from a cost center to a center for business innovation with a strategic role in the enterprise.

The accomplishment of migration to cloud enabled the IT team to innovate and deliver faster for their customers. They are now more competitive with a marked increased customer satisfaction and productivity. The decision to have a cloud-based IT infrastructure is ultimately supporting their journey to becoming go-to healthcare services provider.


About Netenrich

Netenrich helps its customers to simplify, control, and optimize existing and new technological frameworks. Using Resolution Intelligence Cloud, our cloud-native platform for managing secure operations, we've industrialized the services you need, down to a science. Contact us to to discuss how we can help you.


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