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What is threat hunting?

Threat hunting is a cyber defense activity that’s fully focused on identifying threats early on. It's a proactive security effort that searches for potential and historical malicious activity throughout the digital infrastructure. Detecting adversaries and potential breaches through continuous threat hunting can save your company a lot of time and money. Modern cybersecurity can no longer afford to be reactive, slow, and alert-driven. You need to be proactive and fast. Threat hunting allows you to pick up information about potential threats before-the-fact. 

In Netenrich

Netenrich’s threat hunting capabilities represent the next jump in cyber warfare. Our proprietary threat intelligence performs active threat-hunting by continuously crawling the web and stitching together associated IOCs (indicators of compromise). Upon detecting a high-frequency of similar IOCs, we start looking for a historical context to make sense of the findings and share paths to compromise, so your team can act fast. Get actionable insights in real-time with Netenrich's Resolution Intelligence Cloud.