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What is Predictive incident management?

Companies are generating vast amounts of data associated with business operations. But they are also facing a complicated and ever-expanding array of operational risks to identify and mitigate risks in their environment proactively. This makes incident management a challenge for smooth business operations. Predictive intelligence become useful for total predictive incident management. Predictive incident management analyzes large data sets to identify risk patterns, predict outcomes, and guide teams on effective decision-making. While organizations have begun using predictive analytics to identify marketing/sales opportunities, similar strategies are becoming more common in risk and incident management.


In Netenrich

Intelligent and classification algorithms, applied in predictive analytics, could be particularly beneficial to IT industries by predicting the root-cause of incidents based on historical data. Predictive incident management can reduce and minimize the impact of an event on service delivery with an early detection system for potential risks. It can also ensure SLA compliance with predictive alerts and perform quick action based on system intelligence and expert advice. Consequently, the integrity of your systems remains intact by allowing you to be the first-to-know of unexpected events.