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What is Digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process through which new and existing business processes evolve with the integration of modern technologies and shift in organizational culture. The objective of digital transformation is to improve customer experience and meet latest business requirements. In application, digital transformation requires going beyond the traditional customer touchpoints of sales, marketing, and customer service. Digital transformation means how you perceive digital customer experience and engage with customers at every touchpoint with the integration of right processes and technology. On an organizational level, it is to be led by the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) with cross-departmental collaboration between CIOs, CHROs, CSOs, CTOs, and other senior leaders.

Digital transformation in Netenrich

Drive digital transformation in your ITOps with Netenrich's Resolution Intelligence Cloud™. With Netenrich, power digital operations transformation with the right technology, and skills in a few days instead of months. Learn how you can maximize your ROI (return on investments) with Resolution Intelligence.