Staying ahead of cyber threats takes a whole new approach. One that combines AI and human intelligence to create better outcomes, with less work for your team. Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence from Netenrich delivers true “Resolution Intelligence” to keep you informed, find hidden risks, prioritize threats, and reduce alert fatigue. Sign up for Knowledge NOW and ASI so you can KNOW first, and act fast.


Fend off the bad guys and uplevel your SecOps

Liza Kurtz

Director, Solutions Marketing

Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence for digital brands

See how Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence from Netenrich help you stay ahead of the bad guys and handle digital risks better, faster, and more completely than ever before.

One place to go to get the latest cyber threat news, drill down for insights and context, and turn data into action quickly.



You can’t control everything on the public Internet but you can protect your brand. Find the hidden risks fast to defend your attack surface from bad actors.

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How much time could you save if someone sent the day’s top cyber news to your inbox every day?  What if you could visit one place to drill down for insights and context, or research your own IOCs, in just 30 minutes?

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See what attackers see when they look for new ways to target your brand. Netenrich is unveling a new type of intelligence for finding hidden risks to your digital presence — and fixing them fast.

We’ll help you discover, investigate, prioritize and act on the greatest risks  first, without creating more work for your team.

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“Why should I care about Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence?”

Watch our CISO speak about threat by opportunity, best practices for the discovery of infra and shadow IT from an attacker’s view, and using Threat & Attack Surface Intelligence for effective risk mitigation.

Consistent, effective outcomes in cybersecurity operations are challenging to achieve,” said Eric Parizo, Senior Analyst at OmdiaNetenrich offers a compelling approach to threat research and intelligence. Its new Attack Surface Intelligence solution helps enterprises overcome SecOps obstacles by turning insights into resolutions with efficiency and precision.

...July 30, 2020

What is Knowledge NOW and Why Did We Create It?

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Threat intelligence tools typically do a very superficial job in finding the threat but analysts are craving context to make this information relevant and actionable,” said John Bambenek, President of Bambenek Consulting. “In order to move from ‘admiring the problem’ to actually preventing breaches, it is absolutely essential to go deeper and make that information available to analysts.