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Your IT and Security teams watch your network and web site 24/7. You invest thousands (conservatively) in firewalls, SIEMs, anti-malware, Intrusion Prevention/ Detection Systems (IPS/IDS), and other security tools that bombard you with alerts all day long.

Yet attacks can still take you by surprise. In one recent example, the veteran hacktivist group Anonymous resurfaced to affect the massive BlueLeaks attack on U.S. law enforcement. If it can happen to them, can happen to most any company.

  • Achieve continuous adversary insights to prevent risk, streamline operations, and bridge skill gaps.
  • Act on the most critical alerts first and address them in KNOW time.
  • Optimize SecOps and IT to reduce alert fatigue.

  • Embrace fluid and robust workflows across your Network, Cloud, and Security.
  • Enjoy unprecedented performance and obliterate SLAs with ease.
  • Experience an unbeatable combination of AIOps + Managed Intelligence.